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Night shift?

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Thread: Night shift?

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    Many times, I'm here for the midnight shift...
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    getting ready to go now, 7p to 7a. if it weren't for the sup it wouldn't be so bad. he's a... ...real challenge to please.
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    3pm-11pm for 30+ years... with mandatory OT: sometimes 11 am to 11 pm, sometimes 3 pm to 3 am.
    Seems I can get more done that way... but hard on personal life... very hard. especially since I only have one Saturday Sunday off in 28 days...

    work 7 days, get Monday off.
    Work the next seven days, get Tuesday Wednesday off.
    Work the next seven days, get Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday off.
    Start over.

    4 day weekends are great... and my vacation is in 7 day weeks (not 5 day weeks) and I get 6 weeks (42 days) of vacation a year. So if I take a week between my 2 off and four off I get 13 days for one week's vacation... in all, not a bad program... but hard on social activities.
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    I rotate between days(0630-1430), swings(1430-1030) and graves(1030-0630), but usually the shifts last an extra 2 hours, and you need to be there 30 min early to prepare. I can handle the weird times, the sucky part is rotating from shift to shift. It makes it really hard to make plans and have a social life, and my daughter has a hard time understanding why I'm not home at night, or in the morning all of a sudden after she gets used to one shift. Rotating shift work is the worst.
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    7P-730A, three nights a week for quite a while now. I have a really hard time staying up during the days now on my days off.
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    I used to work nights 2200 - 0600. Now I do days. I liked nights, I still enjoy being up at night.

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    I'll probably be missing a lot of years spent drooling on myself and wearing adult diapers
    Probably. Depends.

    Me too.
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    1730-0930 Mondays, 1345-0545 Thursdays and Saturdays. 8 Hours built in OT at only 3 nights a week, how can I go wrong? Minus the fact that midtown Memphis can be a scary place at night. I much prefer my Germantown post.
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    I flip flop from 2nd shift (5p-2a) to midnights (10p-7a). You can also throw in some day shifts here and there as well.
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    Mostly have a nice, normal day shift, Mon-Fri. But I have to be available 24/7, 365, even during my "vacation" time to be able to take care of stuff when, (not if) it goes bad for a few offices. Last time was spent splicing fiber optic cable until 0400 after putting in a full day the day before. No biggie, but sometimes it can be pretty testing when you thought you were going home. There are also a lot of times that I stay to get things done well after hours and everyone else goes home. I guess that's why I'm salary and why they pay me the big bucks right? That's also another reason that I carry at work and no one knows. (well kind of but that's a long story) Because I've heard that criminals aren't afraid of security cameras.
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    2330-0800 for me. I love it. Way better than that crappy 1430-0000.

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    1730-0530 here. It's not too bad really...I kind of enjoy it. But, it may soon be changing to a more "normal" schedule.

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    1400 - 2300 for me. It fits my sleep schedule and the fact I hate waking up with BRIGHT lights in the mornings. No need for them at 0900.

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    I'm on DC at all times of the night, either I wake up, the dog wakes me up, I can't sleep, etc.
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    Did late 2nd (430-300) and 12 hour 3rd (6-6) for several years and loved it. Only went to first shift to spend more time with family.

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