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Thread: Night shift?

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    Night shift?

    Who does the night shift? Here or at work?

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    I'm always up. Insomnia!
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    Thank god I gave up doing night shifts when I retired from the military. I never minded the 3-11 shift, but 11-7 killed me.
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    Before I retired from a security job I worked 2nd shift for 7 years. After I got into a supervisory position I had to fill in for absent people, usually 3rd shift. (Why do 3rd shift people get sick more often than other shifts?)

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    I haven't pulled night shift in 25 years, but I loved it. We rolled 12-hour shifts (1900-0700). You stood two 12-hr days, took 24 off, two 12-hr nights, and then 96 off. You felt like you were on vacation every other week.
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    I work lots of midnight shifts. This week (today is Friday!!) I worked 14:30 to 22:30.
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    Night shifter

    I have worked 7pm-7am for the last 10 years. I wouldn't go back to day shift. In fact I've refused to multiple times. I get to work 3 nights a week and it is full time when you work 12 hour shifts.

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    I work 1830-0300 Sunday to Thursday in an fulfillment center. I get to see all the weird junk you people buy.

    The one thing I am very happy about is that the shifts don't rotate, so I can keep a constant schedule. Blackout curtains helped a bunch, and I readjusted the timers on the thermostat to run the AC around when I like to go to sleep so my room cools down a bit. I do have to make up for not working with some exercise or other physical exertion or else I'm up all night over the weekend.
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    Ive worked night shift jobs on and off for the last 20 yrs. my last night shift job was about 3 yrs ago 6pm to 6am, 6 days a week, I love working the night shift but it is hard to sleep during the day in the summer time ,only negative was no time to spend with the kids.
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    Before I retired I changed shifts every week. Never did get used to it. Just got used to being tired.


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    My circadian clock is perpetually broken. I work 24 & 48 hour shifts so my sleep habits are a friggon nightmare. I have no set time to sleep.

    I'm sure I'm losing a few years of my life because of it. The good thing is that it's the back half and I'll probably be missing a lot of years spent drooling on myself and wearing adult diapers.
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    On July 19 I started into my 37th. year of rotating shift work. I will be 55 in Sept. I sure am ready to call it quits. In fact I just got off, drove home & logged into DC.

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    11-7 here. 37 minutes left! I only hate it during the summer when the days are long and you go home when it's light out. Fall and winter aren't too leave when it's dark and go home the same way.
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    2200-0800 here 4 nights a week....just got home and drank some decaf java....since I'm about to implant my face in my pillow
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    I've been working the night **** going on 7 years (aug 15th will be 7). I like it, less traffic and it is somewhat cooler temperature wise as well. 90 degrees in the summer doesn't sound like it's very cool but compared to the 100+ the shift before me has to contend with I'll take it. Now if only it wasn't just part time :(

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