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For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules

This is a discussion on For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Originally Posted by JD Lets not go there, there are plenty of members here that are "lucky" to still be here despite how much they ...

View Poll Results: What do you think about the langauge rule regarding links to off site material?

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Thread: For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Lets not go there, there are plenty of members here that are "lucky" to still be here despite how much they have ticked off various staff members. If we operated in the realm of going off of how we feel about X member, this would be an awfully lonely forum.
    why do I have a feeling I'm on the lucky list

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    I can't vote through tapatalk.. But I'll log in and vote.

    I think the forum software can filter out our bad language in posts.
    But, I don't see anything wrong with our using symbols to replace our cursing in a rant or quoted dialogue.

    I mean it's absofantasticinglutely crazy to think adults in high stress situations might say "oh! Golly gee whilickers, you shot me !"

    Warnings (NSFW) should be sufficient for external links. In red, okay...but not easy to do through mobile devices with tapatalk, for example.
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    I look at this forum (and any other forum) as a place where what you say and the choices in words you use to say it will outlast you. It's like a conversation with new acquaintances and the language used should be in that same vein. If you can't find words other than profanity to express your thoughts then wait a few minutes to type it out. Make the effort. It's not a question of being adult, it's a question of being considerate of others that may find coarse language objectionable.

    As for links to outside sources that may include material that may be objectionable to some, as long as there is a warning in the post and not an embedded video in the post, it's all good.

    It seems that most now can abide by the rules here so it's not a question of if it's achievable, only if it's maintainable with laxer rules.
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    If there is a warning, nobody's fault but your own if you click the link. Only thing I hope we keep is no politics or religion unless related to guns. I know many people in my real life, (as opposed to the internet) that I have recently told to go away,simply because they are losing their minds over this election. I have better things to do than argue.
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    +1 on the 'Links with appropriate warnings'.

    I believe that the warning should clearly spell out what the warning is for. This is in keeping with the family friendly part, so that forum members don't have to worry about being surprised and/or worried about content coming through their monitors and speakers into the home.

    Thanks for asking!
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    The strong Mods and firm adhearance to a standard is just one of the reasons I love this site. It keeps most discussions civil and I'm just not someone who cares to follow a bunch of 'f' this or to 'h' with you, or whatever. Intelligence and maturity does raise the level above what many 'similar' sites offer.
    Now, I'm a retired sailor, there isn't much I haven't heard and being offended by 'strong language' just isn't a part of me. We're are a family oriented site but like someone else pointed out, a childrens site this is not. We're all big boys and girls here (or should be), Big boy and Big girl rules apply. I have kids and grandkids around so I'm real careful with clicking on links I think are suspect when they're running around. That's part of being a big boy too.

    Give me a warning, I'll take it onboard...... while I'm clicking the link. We use the 'NSFW' lable when passing stuff via email or on other sites as well......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    If not reality, what are we all here for?
    It appears to me that most are here to discuss defensive carry of guns. However there are a lot of whiners, complainers, spelling police, grammar cops and trolls. Well, you asked. :)
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    If there is a warning, nobody's fault but your own if you click the link.

    Absolutely. If everyone who was against porn would stop clicking the link 13 times to watch it to see how bad it is the industry would simply go away by itself.

    To JD and the other mods involved I would like to thank you for bringing up this topic for a vote in the forum.
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    I sure don't mind any links to any VIDS that contain foul language being posted here as long as the content is (in some way) applicable/relevant to the forum.

    I DO believe that they should be posted with a Foul Language warning out of respect for members that would prefer not to listen to it.

    I should also add that SOME foul language such as would be degrading to females, or racist, etc. will not fly even with a preemptive warning.

    Moderators would still need to reserve the right to use the Delete Key option for VIDS or links where excessive foul language trumps the actual worth of the information contained therein.

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    I'm still kinda new here but I think I have some relevant input to add to this poll discussion.

    I don't find the use of foul language offensive. Hearing or reading the 'F' word or any number of other vulgar expletives doesn't cause me to cringe, close my eyes or pass out. I don't associate intelligence or civil communication with vulgar language.

    I have worked on and/or with computers from their infancy. I applauded the advent of forums and chat rooms. I believe that communication is the most powerful tool we have. I discovered however that online communication has a built-in flaw. Anonymity. I discovered that because people can have a discourse with another person as a faceless, bodiless entity they become emboldened and feel free to say anything they want. I thought at first this was a good thing. That it would allow people to speak from their heart. What I didn't expect was the hatred and the insulting behaviour that spewed forth on every site I tried. I tried many sites for many years. They were all the same. And the 'Moderators' allowed this. I guess I never understood why they had Moderators.

    Recently I discovered Defensive Carry. The first thing I noticed was the respect and civility between the members. It didn't take long for me to discover the reason for this. The Administrators and Moderators enforce the forum rules with an iron hand. Those who would disrupt civility and be disrespectful to others simply disappear. I have never felt 'connected' to any forum. That is...until this one. I find myself looking forward to reading posts on this forum everyday. I find the members colorful, informative, insightful, educated, respectful and mature.

    I don't care about the language you use. I care about how you use it. I don't concern myself with links. If I click on them it is a personal choice. They aren't really a part of this forum but are simply a resource. Provide a warning if you want but I personally don't need one.

    What I hope you don't do is remove that iron hand. IMHO it is the secret behind the success and popularity with this forum.

    "To win over people to your point of view, your history of respecting, valuing and working with their desires, differences and decisions goes a long way in gaining their respect."

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    I voted for the warning. I don't mind the language. I will understand and will comply with the rules. It is more entertaining when somebody can make a very good point without using certain prohibited words or disrespecting the other person.

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    I voted against. When I was a young man I often cursed and used bad language. I learned that choosing words carefully and discussing without vulgarity is the mark of a gentleman and something to be valued.

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    Just for clarification, the forum rules regarding language posted directly to the forum by the membership would not change. Yes, we will still come down on you as hard as ever for language and language work-arounds.

    What we are talking about is relevant, off-sight material that happens to have some language.

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    I personally believe that if you cannot communicate your point without swearing then you don't have much of a point to begin with.

    That being said there are some revelant links that contain swearing, and that they should be allowed with a warning. I just fear that we will get a lot of links that are unrelated to our forum or that serve no useful purpose.

    Just because the girl wearing the string bikini is holding a M4 doesn't mean it is related to defensive carry
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    Just because the girl wearing the string bikini is holding a M4 doesn't mean it is related to defensive carry
    Doesn't automatically mean it's not though either... just saying.

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