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For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules

This is a discussion on For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; Originally Posted by Bark'n Regarding shockwave's point. There is truth to what you say. However, what you are obviously missing, is that being able to ...

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Thread: For Discussion / Review: Forum Language Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    Regarding shockwave's point. There is truth to what you say.

    However, what you are obviously missing, is that being able to discuss such a topic with some civility and decorum is accomplished because of the premise that this is a family friendly forum.

    It's that premise, and the constraints we put on the discussion, which separates this forum, and puts us above all the other knuckle dragging forums which seem to always degrade into uncivil arguments and insults.
    I think that it should be possible to maintain civility and discuss without resorting to swear words. At the same time, I think that the zero tolerance, automatic infraction stance would be better served by thought and reason of the context and situation, just like any other zero tolerance policy I have ever seen.
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    I agree with the warning. CAN I GET MY INFRACTION BACK, IF THIS IS ALLOWED?
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    Let me preface this by saying I have not read the entire thread.
    I think offsite links that include poor language exc. are fine as long as there is a warning or disclaimer. I also think the fact that I can come on this site and not see a single swear word is pretty cool. In a world where "shock value" has become the absolute norm, it's kind of nice to come here and just talk shop and not hear a bunch of crap language.
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    I personally do not have delicate ears or eyes. I can deal with cussing whether written or verbally as long as it has substance. Regardless of what's decided, I will continue to play by the rules I agreed to when I signed up.

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    Well I think we've got a good idea of what the members thinks about THIS issue. A lot of other posts not related to this issue have been removed, I will follow up via PM to those members regarding those other issues.

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    In the last few weeks we have lost some long standing members with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Maybe because of their inability to compromise and or follow the very specific rules of the forum. I'm not criticising the forums decisions. I just think its a shame we won't have the benefit of their insight and wisdom. I hope we can all continue to show each other and the admins/mods the respect and understanding that makes this forum the best. We are very passionate about what we believe in.
    On that note, is there any way to see which members have been banned? I realize it is a personal thing, but I would be interested in knowing.

    If the rules change, would any of them potentially be reinstated?
    I haven't noticed the involuntary departure of any long standing members...

    And who's to say that it was over language violations? Everybody agreed to the rules when we signed up.
    Regarding these issues:

    Yes, it's always a shame, but the system here works pretty darn well, we typically try to give members many chances to correct inappropriate behavior, but eventually some members just need to go.

    Banned members will typically have "Ex Member" under their name, recently the biggest shocker for some would be that RamRod is no longer a member here. Despite his 5 year history here, he crossed the line with some offensive/abrasive comments (not his first time) and we had to close his account.

    I don't think a member has ever been banned exclusively for breaking the language rules, typically it's an assortment of issues, and most typically it's "Suicide by mod" due to piss poor attitude in responding to PMs about infractions etc. or in the case of Ram Rod, a continued history of of violating the forum rules on personal attacks and flaming.

    For those that aren't aware, we have different infractions which carry differing points, if a member reaches 50 points, they are banned. Infractions expire, and the points drop off. If we see a continuing trend, points get increased the next time around and can be made non-expiring. There are some members here that can have up to three pages of infractions, most of which are expired. Those days are pretty much over as we're tired of running in circles with some members. Participating on this forum is not hard to do. I know we all have our hot button issues, but the following rule should not be that hard to follow:

    2. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts or PMs. Trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are strictly prohibited. You are welcome to disagree with opinions other than your own, but flaming other members will not be allowed. If you can't figure out how to compose a post without it being confrontational or a personal attack on someone, simply bite your lip and don't post it.
    Our tolerance for repeated breaking of this rule (and others) is getting lower. Part of "the problem" is that for a while we were short handed on staff and things have gotten a little unruly over the last year or so. We've cleaned up the staff pool and have removed the inactive moderators and the newly appointed moderators are doing well.

    That being said, we've been doing this enough that we're pretty good at picking up on those that will eventually get banned, in some select cases, if a majority of the staff agrees, some accounts will get closed prior to 50 points being accumulated. Some actions can be met with immediate banning pending on the circumstances. Some members are very good at tip toeing the line of behavior where rule number 2 (quoted above) is concerned, we're tired of it and we're we're not going to put up with it any longer.

    Regarding anyone getting their account reinstated after a rule change regarding language. Probably not, again, very few if any have been removed due to violating only rules on language.

    Sometimes it is not so easy for non admins/moderators to know exactly what one can or can not post for fear of being banned, "spanked" via an infraction,

    Two weeks ago I posted a thread in the Off Topic & Humor Discussion 11 hours later it was "Closed" by one of the moderators stating "This has nothing to do with the 2A and is therefor closed."

    Aside the fact it was humorous and posted in the right place the thread contained not offensive words or material nor did it stray off topic. As to the closing of my thread I was rather confused to say the least.
    Despite the humor angle, threads of a political nature, unrelated to 2A issues have NO place on this forum, that includes Off Topic and Humor. It's sad that we've had to go to the point of even closing "joke" threads, but we've seen it time and time again where members just can't help themselves when it comes to anything political. There's going to be "that guy" that will jump head first into that thread and run that thread off topic which will result in members getting infractions for going into the political realm and we really don't want that.

    Regarding what can/can't be posted, these segments of the forum rules pretty much sum it up.

    9. We have learned from bitter experience that discussions of certain subjects (politics, religion, abortion, sexual orientation, etc) often degenerate quickly. For this reason, we DO NOT allow the discussion of these topics. We also discourage "caliber war" threads and strongly encourage you not to post a thread starting one. Regardless of your level of experience, caliber is a personal preference and what is right for you may not be right for others.

    9a. Bashing Law Enforcement Officers.
    This has never passed muster here, and never will. The specific DC forum that includes law enforcement in it's focus is not meant to be a place to jump up on a self-righteous pulpit and start ripping law enforcement apart. You will find our tolerance to these kinds of posts to be at an end. "Broad brush" anti law enforcement commentary is prohibited, we encourage you to take it somewhere else.

    10. Discussion of illegal activities, except in reporting the actions of others, is not allowed. Discussion for the purpose of promoting these activities may subject the poster to being banned. Admission of illegal activity on your part will be removed. Anyone quoting or referencing deleted or edited posts will have their posts edited/removed as well. In short, DO NOT use this forum to admit to breaking the law, even in your distant past.

    11. While we have no problem with you mentioning another forum or posting an occasional link to a particular thread in another forum, we do not allow either blatant advertising or bashing of other boards/forums. Those violating this rule are subject to having all previous links removed from this forum.


    13. Copyrighted material. If you are posting a copyrighted story, our rules permit the first paragraph being copied verbatim with a link pointing to the rest of the article/story's original source. You should summarize the rest of the story, in your own words, after the link. DO NOT cut and paste a complete article or story and DO NOT simply provide a link without further comment. Violations of this rule will receive one warning and then receive an infraction of no less than 10 points. Additional infractions will have their points doubled.

    I understand when some threads may need to go away, happened to me last week. However, I had no idea where it went or why it was closed. It would be cool to let us know a thread was deleted and maybe an explanation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky
    If it is merely closed , typically a mod will post why as the last post. If it is deleted there is no where to post a reason, so we can try to send out a PM to the member who created the post.
    As Rocky stated, we typically do try to let members know, but sometimes we don't have time to do so. Hopefully with the increase in staff members, we won't stretched thin as much and can do a better job of notifying members of removed threads.

    If anyone has any further questions, please feel free to send me a private message.

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