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This is a discussion on Last Post within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; This is my last post on this forum. I have been "invited" to change my forum name due to its "offensive" nature. l am including ...

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    Last Post

    This is my last post on this forum. I have been "invited" to change my forum name due to its "offensive"

    nature. l am including below my reply message. I am who I am and have no interest in changing who I am

    to fit an outdated policy. I offer my thanks and appreciation for the advice on carry options in the short

    time I was on the forum-Very Helpful! I will still be reading just not replying. I've enjoyed my time here very

    much. Happy New Year!

    Dear Administrator:

    After careful review of message and my values, I have decided to withdraw my registration and my forum

    name. I find ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to be denigrating, outdated, and offensive. I am a woman, a lesbian, a

    daughter, niece, wife, sister, and gun owner. I am unable to be anything less than authentic. The forums

    rules on appropriate forum behavior is very restrictive far more so than most. Considering this forum is for

    people who are responsible enough to carry guns on a daily basis but can't be trusted to be civil with

    words, makes this policy all the more absurd.

    I am not politically correct never claimed to be and refuse to start now simply to post on this forum. While l

    am quite capable, and by now very adept, of respecting others and their differing opinions than my own; I

    find it difficult to respect absurdity. Therefore, I request full removal of my account and forum name.

    LesbianShrink a conservative libretarian, psychiatrist, and wife to the most amazing woman.
    “We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.” This quote has been attributed to both the
    Talmud and Anaïs Nin (although an actual citation for neither quote can be found).
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    "If you make something idiot proof, someone will make a better idiot."

    - Anon

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    I don't think anyone here cares about your sexual orientation.

    I would have preferred that you change your username and contributed to the forum but you must do what is best for you.

    Vaya con Dios.

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    Sometimes you just have to stand up to your principles. Best of wishes

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    I love lamp.
    If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

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    I see your forum handle as a pot stirring means of drawing attention to yourself, just as this "LAST POST" is another attempt at drama.
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    One must be able to see both sides....I get the Admin Policy and I get your ruffled feathers. Your training and your profession must surely have included how to handle criticism graciously as opposed to throwing a fit when people "don't get you". As a professing Christian, I get called out for my convictions on a regular basis, if not directly, if not as a response to something I've provoked, simply as a part of a growing trend in our popular culture. You're a professional and as such, you and your clientel could benefit from a healthy growth of "skin". I try to remind myself of the same principles when I'm on the receiving end of mockery. I doubt you've been here long enough to be chastised or ridiculed for your sexual orientation. I'm a revolver user, and the folks here have even shown me respect...:) You may want to reconsider your hard line and try to contribute as much as receive.....Sandpiper

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    Bummer. I figured your "name" was like many names around here - a simple way to communicate what you want to be perceived as.


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    Anything I could say would be against policy. Hope you get yourself straightend out. No pun intended.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    LesbianShrink has become an EX Member at her request.

    And so I went ahead and changed her forum name from LesbianShrink to Shrink Who Can't Think AFTER her request to be booted off the forum.

    This was the exact PM that was sent to her that requested that she think of an alternate name.

    Request That You Decide On A Different Forum Name

    You certainly are welcome here as we welcome all new members. We honestly do not care what your sexual preferences may or may not be. On DefensiveCarry we try to even always remain gender neutral with regard to male/female since we do not want the focus to be shifted away from our primary focus which would be legally owned and carried firearms for personal, home, family, self, defense.

    You will notice that on DefensiveCarry we do not allow jokes or posts that bash or denigrate or demean females or gays or blondes or or black folks or Polish people etc etc.
    So it is just fine with us that you live whatever lifestyle that you want, need, or desire to live and if it is chosen or hereditary it makes absolutely no difference to us but, you just cannot advertise it in your forum name.

    If it makes you feel any better about deciding on a different forum name ~ we would not allow HomosexualMan or JewBoy or PedophilePerson or UpSkirtGuy either.

    We just don't want to know anything about folks that would tend to initiate unwanted comments in posts that would need to be constantly monitored, edited out, deleted and would require continuous forum moderator attention as well as the reprimanding of forum members violating our rules because they cannot contain themselves.

    This all falls under the exact same reason that we do not allow members to quote scripture in forum posts and we do not allow religious debates on DefensiveCarry.

    Following is one of the forum rules that you agreed to as a condition of being allowed to actively participate on DefensiveCarry.

    Rule #6 On Our Forum Rules Page.

    6. We do not discriminate in regards to religion, race, creed, gender, sexual preference, or national origin, nor will we tolerate, on this forum, those that do.
    Racial, ethnic, or religious slurs appearing in posts will be removed. That being the case, we generally don't want to know most of these things about you. We are strictly a "don't ask, don't tell" forum regarding sexual preferences.

    Please feel free to send me a private message anytime and let me know what you would like your forum name changed to.

    Have a Safe, Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year.

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    As further clarification as to why we requested that this member select an alternate forum name....since some will still not "get it."

    Obviously she did not "get it" because I never insinuated that her forum name was "offensive" - only that it would prove to be a distraction away from the primary reason as to why this forum exists on the Internet.

    It was NOT that we have anything against her sexual preference, choice or lifestyle it IS because she will post and then some member will comment on her forum name as part of their comment in their post. And then she will quickly jump in to defend that lifestyle. And then three more members will defend her and 5 more members will report the offending post to various moderators....and then 3 more members will post religious comments about how marriage should only be between a man and a woman and then forum atheists will jump in with their 2 Cents & we will then need to give infraction points to everybody for thread hijacking....and blah blah blah.

    And then all of a sudden the Original Thread which WAS about J-Frame revolvers and the .38 SPL. will be all completely off topic and focused on LesbianShrink which I am certain she would just LOVE but, would ultimately morph into being a true Moderator babysitting nightmare that would require constant moderator expenditure of time and effort.

    And THAT is why we requested that she choose a different name. BECAUSE we HAVE been down this same road before and we HAVE learned from bitter past experience.

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