My Mistake, Several Times Over

My Mistake, Several Times Over

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Thread: My Mistake, Several Times Over

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    My Mistake, Several Times Over

    My last post was taken the wrong way, but that was my fault. I used the word "list" several times, and somebody thought I meant a hit list. I mentioned 12, then 15, then a longer list of people I see bringing great harm to this country. No, these are people that are steering us in the wrong direction, but of the 12 and 15 members on the lists, only three are controlled by voter response. Nine are immune to any response. I refer to these as members of a joint conspiracy to change the very foundations of America, and they are well on their way to having it done.

    But to consider hitting them is a really bad idea. Not just because it puts you outside the law for doing something illegal and against our principles, but because it would not change things anyway. Look at the sucession lineup for the Presidency. Everyone of the successors is on one of the lists. You gain nothing except to make others think or feel that you are as out of control as someone that kills 77 people on an island, shoots up a theater and both kills and maims others, shoots up a school and kills 20 children and 6 adults, or just goes back to the place he was fired from and kills people there. Killing for the sake of killing is plain wrong. The Commandment against killing is not that shalt not kill , but that thou shalt not murder. Look up the difference.

    The varmits, two-legged typs that I referred to when being prepared to shoot someone are the people that attack you or break into your home. I had such an occurance a couple of months back. I weas lucky. I want to be prepared next time so that I will be ready, not just lucky.

    My overriding concern is for this country as a whole. Militant actions to offset government won't work anymore. The military and police are just too strong, and anyone's collection of firearms and ammo has limited value if you are the only person with access to them and if you are on your own. The idea that we can lose everything if we lose the 2nd Amendment is missing the mark. True enough when militia and patriots had better firepower than the redcoats, but the rules and weapons are drastically different now. Every one of us is out-weaponed, out classed, and vulnerable to an organized response. I don't want to see the 2nd Amendment go down, just as I don't want to lose the protections afforded by the rest of the Bill of Rights, but you don't vote with your guns, you vote on what comes up in elections. So have you voted well and wisely? Are you prepared to vote again? Do you know who or what you are voting for? The 2014 elections are going to be super important because the ruling party is going to do its best to take over the House and keep the Senate so that they can resume their agenda that they were parading in 2009 -2010.

    Right now, you know what is likely to happen? The Democrats regain total control, and we do down a really steep road. Or the Congress falls sway to Republican control and the country returns to a lame duck session. Which is worse? What you really want and need is sensible government, and we are a long ways from that. Efforts to try and return us to balanced spending and limit the growth of the National Debt are going to fail, just as they have failed for decades passed. Why is this? Because we are more than bankrupt, we are only getting by for two reasons: More money is continually being printed, meaning runaway inflation (or devaluation of the dollar if you want the real truth of it), and right now the world is pretty much stuck with the American currency as its Reserve Currency, which means most trade between countries are done in dollars. But that is about to change in a big way. And when it does, the dollar goes poof!

    My lists are just about positions whose occupants I hold as primarily responsible for our plight, but we are in so deep now that there is no return, no pulling back. What I am trying to do is get out of paper money as much as possible and get into gold or silver, which will sharply rise in value while the dollar fails. Lots of people are doing this in preparation for what they also see coming. Something to trade with when nothing else works. Some people are going so far as to build bunkers and start hoarding goods. And when the economy collapses and you can't afford or cannot find things that you need, like just food to get by, you can expect food riots. That is when I expect home break-ins to become common place. Already you see them on the increase as times get worse. Iam in the process of working at being ready to withstand mob and gang break-ins. Now a 22LR pistol is not going to cut it, but maybe we will be lucky and it won't turn out that bad here, or maybe the neighborhood will try and organize itself so that we defend each other. Who knows?

    No, no hit list involved, and no advice to create one. But if you don't know your enemy, you are in even graver circumstance. I can't believe that people voted the same individuals back in office that were shreding this country apart in 2009 and 2010. Had there been a way to wake this country up, then it might have been different. But no matter how it might have gone in the popular election, the Electoral College made it plain that they were for Obama in a big way, both times. I guess I should add the Electoral College to my long list. They haven't helped us a bit on this, and we didn't even get through the popular vote before a winner was announced.

    You know the truth of the matter? Our form of government is proving to be no match for the gimmicks that have been adopted to work against it. You would have to know the worse that they can throw against you in order to build adequate defenses against all the assaults being hurled against it. You can't even go back over its history and find that it was that well protected over the decades and hundreds of years that have lapsed. It was the American spirit that pulled us back from ruin, time and time again, and that spirit is just not there anymore.

    To put it another way, if they don't work to protect themselves, people get the consequences, which is all that they deserve.

    Now if I get downscored on this post, I might as well leave this forum.

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    .... hmmmmm ....

    Never mind.
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    What is this doing in this sub forum?
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