Please open your control panel, labeled "User CP" in the navigation bar and check out the options you have. There are many settings that you can make yourself that will resolve most of the your questions. If you don't find the answer in that area, click the "FAQ" link in the navigation bar and see if your question is possibly answered there. If you still have not found the answer, post the question here and I will get to it as quickly as possible.

During beta testing, the testers found a couple of problems with the uploading of avatars. If you have any problems in that area, please post your problem and I will get to it as quickly as possible. Password problems or other more serious problems will be resolved first. Please be patient.

You are welcome to send me email at any time you are experiencing a problem here. Please, however, do not send me html-based email if at all avoidable. If you must send html email, you should probably notify me of a problem by PM.

You can send it to me at bumper @ You should be sure to include the nature of your question and your member name to help me resolve problems as quickly as possible.