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Question for Admin

This is a discussion on Question for Admin within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; If we read a posting pertaining to a particular topic and have information or insight pertaining to that topic, are we allowed to respond to ...

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Thread: Question for Admin

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    Question for Admin

    If we read a posting pertaining to a particular topic and have information or insight pertaining to that topic, are we allowed to respond to that posting with relevant information if the post is dated and not current?

    If there are similar (yet completely separate) threads pertaining to related ideas, are we allowed to re-use vocabulary that we have used in the past, or must it be re-typed in order to re-word or re-arrange it so that is does not say the exact thing... thereby not being considered copy and pasted? I have certain difficulties typing.

    If someone was to inquire about a product or idea that another reader has knowledge of, are we allowed to post a link in order for the person(s) inquiring about said topic to follow it so that they can research the information for themselves, being as they have chosen to openly post in a forum that was begun for the sole purpose of gathering information on that topic?

    Thank you

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    From time to time folks resurrect old threads. I've done so and I never got yanked for it by a Mod here yet.

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    We don't prohibit anyone from commenting on long-dormant threads ("necroposting"), although in the back room we may kid about the "Lazarus Award" for resurrecting really ancient threads. I think the record was a thread that was dormant for 6 years getting a new comment last year.

    None of what you're suggesting or asking about is specifically against the rules. In general, if you think you are posting useful information and not just repeating some tired old dogma, then post away. Lots of members post links to useful and worthwhile products and services; we only get a little prickly about those posts when they appear to be blatant advertising.

    Please acquaint yourself with our rules - look for "Forum Rules" at the bottom of the blue banner at the top of the page. Those may answer a lot of your questons.

    And BTW, welcome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Headscratchin View Post
    If we read a posting pertaining to a particular topic and have information or insight pertaining to that topic, are we allowed to respond to that posting with relevant information if the post is dated and not current?

    If there are similar (yet completely separate) threads pertaining to related ideas, are we allowed to re-use vocabulary that we have used in the past, or must it be re-typed ...
    I, too, have "resurrected" a handful of fairly old threads, when I deemed that the info I had was directly related, not a re-hash, not replying to one of the posters who hasn't been on the forum in 5+ years (hence the reply is sort of pointless). Works very well, to get folks back "in the swing" with a topic, when there hasn't been another more-current discussion posted in awhile.

    I'd say, use your discretion. If the info or questions has value today in a current discussion, then I wouldn't worry too much about the moderators feeling it's any less proper than posting to a brand new thread.
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    Interesting. Funny then how I was banned for life with absolutely no reason given. All I ever attempted to do on this website was visit postings pertaining to a particular topic, where members were seeking advice on that topic and so I thought, looking for solutions to the subject at hand. Upon responding to 4-6 posting that were similar in nature to the subject matter, I was apparently deemed unsuited to belong to this forum. I used no inappropriate language, or any other wording that could be considered inflammatory and did nothing that violated the terms that I read and agreed to prior to joining. By a stretch, I can only assume that the powers to be would attempt to argue on their behalf that I was attempting some sort of spam attack. I myself do not appreciate spam, and when looking at the definition of spam one learns that it is "irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients." My responses were never intended to be spam, nor can they be defined as spammed. In order to say that they were, then any response within any forum pertaining to any subject would be considered as such. Furthermore, I "sent" nothing to anyone. I merely posted information for anyone, now or in the future, to have in their arsenal of information, just like every other person that commented in the thread prior to myself. Had I posted in every active thread the information that I did...then that would have been spam. I merely searched for people who had discussed the particular topic that I was interested in, and responded accordingly. I had originally come to this website in hopes of establishing a relationship both personally and professionally with the fellow members, but before I invest any money for advertising or time and emotional effort into posting I like to stick my toe in the water. Unfortunately this water was frozen over. I would have been refreshing to see a little more "innocent until proven guilty" on a forum that represents the same constitution and principals that I would think the members of this website would find important.


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    What name did you previously post under?
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    Hard to tell what is going on at this point with the little bit of information you provided . But i wish you the best if this site works out for you or whatever goes on . I will say the best thing is not to take yourself to serious or personal on things tied to the internet .
    Hope you find what it is your looking for . Best to you , Welder516
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    I would suggest you reference the forum rules, particularly:


    Member's selling individual personal items (non-commercial) are allowed in the "Member Buy, Sell, Trade" forum once a member has made 25 or more posts. All thread titles should include the state where these items are located. Items listed here must not be listed for sale elsewhere or on the Internet, including auction sites or any other forums.

    Advertising, for paid sponsors only, is allowed in the "Sponsor Buy, Sell, Trade" forum.

    We do not allow advertising to be embedded within the forum topics, in fairness to our paid sponsors, who help keep this forum operating. Simply mentioning a related business in the course of a thread is in no way restricted as long as it is relevant to the thread and would not be considered obtrusive. We would be happy to place a link to your business website in our "Related Links" area in consideration of a reciprocal link. No other advertising will be allowed within the forum and, when found, will be removed. Please PM or email either 4Nines or bman505 if you have any questions regarding this policy.
    Should you ever have any issues with anything forum related please feel free to send a Private Message to any of our forum Moderators. We do understand that some topics are very "HOT BUTTON" issues and/or you may perceive some Moderator action to be unfair. That is fine and please do feel free to discuss your issue with any Moderator VIA Private Mail in a civil and respectful manner.
    Your complaint will then usually go for review by multiple Moderators who will "weigh in" on the disputed decision.
    Please Note: Losing your temper, ranting, name calling, sarcastic tone and general disrespect in a Private Mail Message to a Moderator or Administrator will get you removed from the forum as will ranting and whining publicly in thread/posts with regard to perceived "unfair" rules and moderation.
    Consider yourself to be warned of this in advance. It is excellent practice for you to know how to make your point like a decent, calm, rational, human being should you ever find yourself in a court of law ~ at some future point in time.
    And finally:

    3. Each member is allowed one account. Multiple user account registrations for one individual are not permitted. We have tools designed to detect multiple accounts and, when discovered, we reserve the right to delete, revoke or merge any or all of these accounts, without further notice.
    Your posts in this thread are not truly genuine, as all of your posts under your previous handle were promoting your business, in violation of the forum rules, referenced above. This thread is closed, as further discussion of this issue is not appropriate on the open forum.
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    I'll make it short and sweet; when all your posts are promoting your business, you indeed are a spammer. If you want to become a sponsor to advertise on the forum, that's great, we can help you with that. However, sponsor or not, you still must follow the forum rules. Given the fact that you joined in order to promote your business, got caught and shown the door, then had the audacity to rejoin the forum again (also a rules violation) under false pretenses in order to ask a red herring question leads me to believe you and your business probably are not a good match for
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