Some more questions

Some more questions

This is a discussion on Some more questions within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; I think this is the place to ask these. 1) is there a way to have the display auto refresh? Is this a Google Chrome ...

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Thread: Some more questions

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    Some more questions

    I think this is the place to ask these.
    1) is there a way to have the display auto refresh? Is this a Google Chrome thing or a DC thing?
    2) I see Rep Pwr on my summary, what is this?
    3) I see people pulling in multiple quotes from different places. How do you do this?

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    Yeah, exactly.. inquiring minds would like to know..

    Also I have been asked in PM by some new folks is there a list of common abbreviations?
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    For multiple quotes, see the bubble at the bottom right of each post that looks like a speech bubble with quote marks in it with a plus sign to the bottom right? You can use that.

    I personally make a post with a single reply with quote then build from there. Usually I will file through a thread and see something I want to reply to. I make my reply then continue where I left off. Then I do another, edit it, copy/paste it into the previous reply, then delete the one I just hacked from. I know the way I have been doing it is not the best way, but until I get proficient with the other way I will hack it to death...
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