Is there a Defensive Carry Facebook site?

Is there a Defensive Carry Facebook site?

This is a discussion on Is there a Defensive Carry Facebook site? within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; I read every once in a while about things or people found on Facebook. Is there a official presence on Facebook?...

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Thread: Is there a Defensive Carry Facebook site?

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    Is there a Defensive Carry Facebook site?

    I read every once in a while about things or people found on Facebook. Is there a official presence on Facebook?
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    I hope not. I don't do Facebook.
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    I belong to I LOVE MY RUGER-VIP FB page (Not a lot happening there on a daily basis)
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    I have facebook but only once a day several .
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    Why would there be? We're all here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Why would there be? We're all here.
    oh Sixto... if you had a Twitter-sphere, Blog-O-Riffic, amaze-balls Pinterest feed i would "follow" you -

    nope, this place is as "social media" as i get. where i can reasonably be assured iam with like minded folks. My wife does all that facebook stuff, and at least a few times a month she is getting in some upsetting argument with some random person she may or may not know about.... stupid stuff.
    i don't get it. guess i 'm a luddite.
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    I get enough of ya'll here as it is!

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    Ditto... I run from Facebook and twitter.

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    no thanks
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    No Point. I'm not on Facebook enough to want to do it. I post or do something on Facebook every blue moon. I'm here more often than on FB. I'll check this site 20 or more times a day when I'm not busy in the office. But Facebook I'll be lucky to do it 8-9 times a week.

    The only real reason I got one was my school strongly suggests it. There's different groups (depending on the class) to help each other out. I can txt or call my friends.
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    People are likely to search FB for defensive carry or concealed carry and be directed here. I'm sure Limatunes has an opinion since she posts a personal range diaries blog there. However, she has her hands full with the newest bouncing baby boy. The things you learn, too.
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    Well DingBat I am judicially glad I have NO IDEER what a Luddite IS.

    I'd sooner know something way off the wall about JP Patches, Captain Kangaroo or Captain Puget than know what a Luddite was or IS.
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    God forbid
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    Actually there is a Facebook group for DC members but i don't know if it's active or still up. One of the members started it a while back. I stayed the hell away from it.

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