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The AR500 Armor Urban Go Plate Carrier includes a pair of our 10" x 12" Advanced Shooters Cut Trauma Plates, Universal Pistol Holster, Dual AR15 Magazine Pouch (Holds up to 4 AR mags), and Dual Pistol Magazine Pouch. This Urban Go Carrier Package is designed to be low profile, quick on/off, and carry the necessary basics for your primary and secondary weapons. Open side design features a quick release buckle with adjustable straps giving you quick protection simply by throwing the rig over your shoulders.

All AR500 Armor Trauma Plates are made 100% in the USA and are Stand-Alone, Multi-Hit capable, and bench tested to the same armor rating as Type III. Level III armor is capable of defeating rifle rounds up to 7.62x51 @ 2780 ft/s.

Each Trauma Plate is manufactured from Ballistic Plate designed specifically for Armor Applications. All edges are beveled by hand for a smooth finish and will ride safely in your carrier without damage or the need for a sleeve. Coated with a "cold-coat" industrial grade enamel to preserve integrity of the armor and provide chemical and weather resistance.