The Phoebus Mission Light 3 Color Hands Free Illumination Tool

Three color LED

* Output @ 30 cm: White 40 lux, Red 10 lux, Blue 20 lux
* Beam spread: Fixed 50 degree wide angle
* Rating: IPX-2 shower proof, Shock proof 2 m
* Housing/Skin: Polycarbonate?Silicon
* Battery type: 2 x 1632 Lithium

The Phoebus Mission Light was developed from an idea generated by an airline pilot. Directing light at an object, be it a book, map or menu without affecting the vision of others, was the concept behind its exclusive, patented design. The three color LED illumination system in red, white, and blue provides ample light for many applications. This practical illumination tool places light where and when you need it, with fingertip control.
The Phoebus Mission Light is best worn on the index finger of either hand. The LED array is pointed downward and away from the user. The palm of the hand is cupped shielding the light as the hand directs the light toward an object. The side of the thumb is used to turn the button switch on and off.