The HellFighter™ X-4 Tactical Entry light is one of the most advanced lights on the market today. Constructed of the world's toughest materials and tested in the battle zones of Baghdad and south-central Los Angeles, the HellFighters have the proven reliability required for lethal environments.

• Length: 5.25"
• Width Head: 1.0"
• Width Body: 1.0" Nominal
• Weight: 5.7 oz
• Material: Mil Std 6061 511 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, Body functions as heat sink.
• Lamp: Xenon/Halogen/Argon High Intensity vapor-sealed, incandescent High Temperature Filiment Bulb.
• Wattage: 6.5 watts
• Voltage: 6 Volts Nominal
• Output: 70 Lumens
• Runtime: To 1 hour, dependent on battery performance.
• Power source: (2) 123 series Lithium Batteries