High performance shooting optics

The precise, smooth-handling Viper 6.5-20x44 PA riflescope makes target and varmint hunting all the easier. Not only does this Viper riflescope give you the power to handle very long distances, it also target small objects with ease. The Viper riflescope features a unique ViewMag adjustment lever so you can make rapid power adjustments without ever taking your eye off your target. And that's just the first of many reasons you can count on the Viper riflescope for smooth handling when the pressure is on:

* ViewMag adjustment bar lets you keep track of target and magnification at the same time.
* Side parallax adjustment turret lets you maintain your shooting position and cheek weld while adjusting parallax.
* Fast focus eyepiece is quick and easy to use.
* Pop-up dials let you easily set elevation and windage back to zero.
* Audible clicks are easily counted for fast, precise adjustment of elevation and windage.
* Fine Plex reticle allows for extremely precise shooting, especially when highly magnified.