Interest in concealed carry is at an all time high. In this 2nd edition of the Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, Massad Ayoob delivers the tips readers need to protect themselves in life threatening situations - without running afoul of the law. Learn from the best, and you'll be prepared for the worst, with this industry standard concealed carry reference. This new edition covers the hottest issues surrounding concealed carry today, including:

* How to concealed carry

* Helpful concealed carry tips

* Concealed carry laws

* Concealed carry clothing

* Concealed carry gear

Case studies and lessons learned from rulings involving concealed carry laws through expert commentary from Ayoob, who draws on his experience as expert witness for courts in weapons and shooting cases.

Coverage of the latest offerings for concealed carry gear, as the supply/demand for accessories continues to surge along with firearm sales and concealed carry permit applications