199Trust.com is a document creation service that creates NFA / Gun Trust documents at the specific direction of our customers.199trust has become a leader in helping people create these documents, and is the leader in affordability, historically these types of documents cost gun owners $500 or more to create. However please know 199trust.com is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice, if you need legal assistance or are unclear of the laws in your state, you should contact a local lawyer before purchasing our trust documents.

Here are some of the popular reasons that make our customers want to setup a gun trust for themselves:

1. They want the ability to have multiple people (Co-Trustees) to be allowed to use the items that are in the trust.

2. They do not want to have to do fingerprint cards

3. They do not want to hassle with getting their chief law enforcement officer's signature

4. They want to have a clear written plan (similar to a will) of who will be beneficiaries of the trust.

Please visit 199trust.com or call us at 888-442-4307 for more information about our service.

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