Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob (Digital PDF Download

Format: eBook

This digital version of Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob features all of the critical self-defense, tactical and concealed carry information of the print book in a single PDF download. (21 MB)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Mindset
Chapter Two: Learning Combat Shooting
Chapter Three: Three Gunfighters
Chapter Four: Competition as Training
Chapter Five: Choices

A Word from the Author, Massad Ayoob

"I started this book with the section on mindset, because that's where it all begins with the practitioner and therefore, is the core of the matter.

"Next comes a structured guide to learning combat shooting, because that's where the practitioner gains the ability to weave together the necessary elements of this multidimensional discipline.

"In the middle of the book we analyze the experience of three gunfighters who all 'faced the elephant' more than once. It's striking how much they have in common, and on how many levels.

"Next is an introduction to the competitive element of combat shooting, and a rationale for why - though it's not complete training in and of itself - competition can be an extremely useful component of training, skill maintenance, and skill assessment.

"Finally, we close with some of the choices the serious combat handgunner has to make if they're going to get the most out of the whole endeavor."