Our largest performance pack. Built with our three best selling products, designed for maximum effectiveness and no kidding around.

IGG's Tactical Formula is an enhancement of our Original Formula. It is specifically designed for the most extreme combat environments. It will hold up to even the most grueling temperatures and pressures. IGG's Tactical Formula will inhibit carbon, lead, and copper build-up within your weapon decreasing cleaning time while improving accuracy and performance.

Most products are presented to the market as stand-alone products. We take a "systems" approach and recommend using each IGG product sequentially in a prescribed process. This will maximize the benefits to the shooter by minimizing malfunctions, saving time, enhancing reliability, and most importantly, improving accuracy. First, we need to remove carbon and other contaminants from the firearm. This can be achieved with Carbon Eliminator and Copper/Lead Eliminator.

* Tactical Lubricant (6oz) - phenomenal friction reduction improving accuracy
* Carbon Eliminator™ (6oz) - quickly dissolves carbon down to the micro pores
* Copper/Lead Eliminator™ (4oz) - fast removal of both copper & lead.