Authentic American Recipes You'll Want to Try!

Ring the dinner bell and treat your family to some honest-to-goodness Western Style Cooking.

The Original Old West Cookbook is a collection of 235 authentic handed-down recipes, updated to reflect modern cooking methods. It includes chapters on Barbeque, Soups, Stews, Salads, Breads, and Desserts! There are chapters such as: Game Meats, Beverages, Home Remedies and Household Hints! This Book includes Historical Information and Little Known Facts about life in the Old West, as well as a variety of vintage photos! It's really a unique addition to anyone's collection of cookbooks! You'll have fun trying recipes like:

* Navajo Fry Bread
* Mountain Man Beanless Chili
* Apple Denver Pie
* Cantaloupe Marmalade
* Stewed Chicken and Dumplings

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