This is a refurbished / DEMO product from Bushnell Outdoor Products. We assure that this refurbished product is in good working condition and covered by full manufacturer's warranty.

More modes, fewer strokes and legal for tournament play. The BUSHNELL Pro 1600 Laser Rangefinder, Package, Tournament Edition (205105P-ROD) is the ultra-accurate laser rangefinder more pros trust their game to than any other.

This rangefinder has brilliant optics and a measuring range that's simply enormous, from 5 to 1600 yards! This makes it quite useful for golfers. Though your maximum range will vary from many factors (including the angle of incidence to the target, the target's reflectivity, and the ambient lighting conditions), the Pro 1600 will always give the best range of any Bushnell unit.
The Pro 1600 Laser Bushnell Rangefinder was especially designed with golfers in mind. The selective targeting modes allow you to adjust the performance parameters of the unit to suit your specific situation and environment.
The Scan mode allows you to pan across the landscape while viewing a continuously updated LCD display of the distances between you and the targets you scan with the viewfinder.

PinSeeker is designed exclusively with the bottom of the cup in mind, this mode allows easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances. When more than one object is acquired, the closer of the two objects is shown on the LCD display.
This is the "tournament" version of the Bushnell Pro 1600 rangefinder, which has no built-in inclinometer. As it does not use calculations to aid the golfer's estimation of playing distance, it conforms to the USGA rules for legal distance-measuring devices in tournament play.

• Universal mount fits all cart manufacturers
• Positive locking inset to secure rangefinder
• Clamp mount also attaches to bag
• Package includes Golf Cart mount and neoprene protective case
• 7x magnification
• The ultimate rangefinder for tournament play and avid golfers
• Scan mode displays multiple ranges while panning
• PinSeeker mode allows easy acquisition of the flag without inadvertently capturing background target distances
• ±1 yard accuracy
• Ranges 5-1600 yards/meters; 400 yards to flag
• No reflective prism required
• 100% waterproof with Rainguard HD
• IPX7 waterproof standard