Family Preparedness Handbook
Don't take your preparedness for granted, be ready with the ultimate handbook that will provide you with peace of mind for yourself and your family. Stevens lays out a yearlong storage program of 15 food and nonfood categories to support the book's main message, "store what you eat, eat what you store, use it or lose it."

Yearlong storage program of 15 food and nonfood categories.
water, wheat and grains, dairy products, sweeteners, "cooking catalysts" like salt and oil, and sprouting seeds.
Other 9 categories are designated "Building Blocks," and improve upon the basic diet and support a more routine, less Spartan existence while relying on stored supplies.

- By: James Talmage Stevens
- Comprehensive Guide
- 257 pages
- Lists & Worksheets Included
- Newest Version of the Book, Expanded & Updated!
- One of the Most well known authors when it comes to Preparedness