Our EXO NiB Complete Carrier with staked gas key. This carrier will give you thousands of rounds of continuous use without the hassle of continuous cleaning due to its natural lubricious properties.

-8620 Carrier
-Hydraulically staked carrier key.
-High lubricity EXO NiB coating.
-Extremely durable EXO NiB coating.

Legal Notes:
Any purchases and purchasers of this offer agree and declare that they do legally own a registered M-16 and/or a registered Short Barreled Rifle and these components are replacement parts for them. I understand that all NFA rules apply and I will abide by the rules of the BATFE. I am aware of all the legal ramifications that accompany installing these components in or on an AR-15 Lower. I hold Gearhog harmless for any legal issues that may arise due to my purchasing and utilizing these components. I certify that I will not break any federal, state, or local laws by acquiring and/or using these components in my legally registered firearms. Any and all questions, comments, or inquiries concerning legality of usage or ownership should be directed to the BATFE http://www.atf.gov/firearms/industry/