This high quality 304 stainless steel bushing is made for high duty cycle shooting and replaces the Ruger factory bushing allowing you to safely remove the Magazine Disconnect from the firearm. There are instructions on the internet showing the use of washers and other parts. This is unreliable and unsafe! Use an actual part that is designed for the job. This lets the hammer move properly and at the correct speed. You will be pleased with the fit and final result with this bushing. If you know how to clean this gun you can easily remove the disconnect. Removing the disconnect allows the magazines to fall free, allows them to seat properly and does allow the gun to fire with the magazine out for tactical competition and self-defense scenarios.

- Magazines will slip right out
- Easier takedown and cleaning
- Reduces fail to feeds
- No change in trigger response or function
- Check to see if your state requires the magazine disconnect.

Supported Model List:

- MKIII 22-45
- MKIII 22-45 Competition
- MKIII 22-45 Government Target
- MKIII 22-45 Target
- MKIII Competition
- MKIII Government Target
- MKIII Target
- MKIII Hunter

Feature: B1
- Stainless Steel
- Works on all Models of Ruger Mark III and 22/45
- Easy Install