KSB 20

Warm & cradled in a soft and comfortable sleeping bag is a great way to end the night while in the woods. The KSB 20 may be the most comfortable & featured filled 20 degree sleeping bag on the market, and comes in at a fantastic price. This is our "go to" sleeping bag in humid climates as the synthetic insulation in this bag has fantastic warm when wet properties.

The flexible baffles in the lower 3/4 of this bag eliminates cold spots and allows the bag to custom fit to your shape. Better yet, they allow you to move around comfortably inside the bag without the bag sticking to you. With a "Sharks Tail" footbox your feet can lay naturally and stay toasty. High end features such as interlocking draft tubes, lightweight and durable fabrics, and a jacket style mummy hood are plentiful here, and unheard of at this price.

o Sharks Tail shaped footbox
o 5 baffle footbox - 2 horizontal, 3 vertical means ultra warm toes
o Stretch baffles below the shoulders to fit all sizes and eliminate cold spots, but still allows you the ability to move around inside the bag
o 3D Interlocking Draft Tubes
o 3/4 length zip with guard
o Anatomical Hood
o Super Soft and lightweight polyester liner.
o Lightweight breathable fabrics
o Neck collar to minimize heat loss
o Ships with large mesh storage sack
o Ultra compact stuff sack
o 3.5 lbs