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Rules at the shooting range

This is a discussion on Rules at the shooting range within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by digitalexplr One of the many reasons I joined a private club. About the only ammo restriction we have no tracers. Me too. ...

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Thread: Rules at the shooting range

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalexplr View Post
    One of the many reasons I joined a private club. About the only ammo restriction we have no tracers.
    Me too. The only rules we have are common sense...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AzB View Post
    Well, there you go! German engineering for you. Should have let their Austrian sidekicks design it for them!
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    1. No double tap or rapid fire
    2. No full size LE targets, size is restricted to approx 24" x 24"
    3. Shooter is only allowed to load 5 rounds at any one time
    4. No steel tipped ammo, eg. Wolf. This has already been discussed in previous posts
    5. All weapons must be cased. Holstered weapons are not allowed
    At the range I frequent:

    1. We can double tap but thats it.
    2. They sell Full Sized Targets to use.
    3. No restriction on capacity
    4. No Steel Tipped (AP) allowed but I believe you meant cased ie Wolf.... But once again no restriction.
    5. Drawing from holster is allowed with approval from management.
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    While inside, the no double-tap rule was mentioned to me; but I was given permission since there was only one other shooter sharing it with me. Outside, since it was not crowded or busy, nobody objected to me double-tapping, with single head shots, two adjacent targets. No magazine load has been mentioned, but I usually do six or so, like ya know. No holster drawing is allowed where I go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liljake82 View Post
    At the indoor range that I work at rapid fire is prohibited. Most people can't control a gun durring rapid fire. There are no rules about capacity or targets.

    I've heard that at one of the Department of Conservation ranges you must take 3 seconds between shots which just seems nuts to me.
    Those are the rules at Bois D'Arc, along with many others. It is, however, very well structured.

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    Some rules are PC and some are simply addressing the lowest skilled shooters. It's too much of a pain for a large range to say something is ok for one shooter, but not for another.

    Liljake, volunteer at a range on a weekend and watch the idiots from the control booth and you'll understand.

    Unloading and locking action open is a variation of open and show clear. I've seen people lock actions open after a cease fire is called when all firearms are supposed to be unloaded and have a live round get kicked out.

    1. No double tap or rapid fire Lack of control by many shooters
    2. No full size LE targets, size is restricted to approx 24" x 24" PC - promoting recreational shooting, not shooting at people.
    3. Shooter is only allowed to load 5 rounds at any one time Don't know, probably lack of control by most shooters.
    4. No steel tipped ammo, eg. Wolf. This has already been discussed in previous posts Will damage baffles/bullet traps and possible fire hazard. There is "green"/unburnt powder all over ranges which be be ignited easier by steel hitting concrete.
    5. All weapons must be cased. Holstered weapons are not allowed Watch other people's muzzle discipline and trigger fingers and all will be clear. Don't know about holsters, but maybe enough people were doing stupid stuff trying to quick draw their weapon

    Every rule instituted is b/c of some bonehead move that people make on a regular enough basis to drive RSO's nuts or some bonehead non-shooter who got his/her panties in a bunch due to ignorance.

    Some rules are redundant so that 3 or more things have to go wrong before someone gets hurt. If you saw the inattention, ignorance, and stupidity I see on a regular basis you'd understand. The rules may be annoying to you and guarding against something you'd never do, but they are also protecting you from the idiot next to you that isn't as skilled.

    I've been to a couple unmanned public ranges and had someone start shooting while I was downrange, people shooting across the range at my target, characters walking around with their "duty" ammo, etc.

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    My range rules are pretty basic.

    No Rapid Fire
    No Working From Holster

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    The place I went a couple of weeks ago had no rapid fire rule and you have to use two handed grip.

    I was also sort of curious about this, if anyone else had seen this rule....You can use silhouette targets but if you take an intentional headshot they throw you out. I guess its ok to train for COM but not a head shot.

    Seems like if its a "shooting a a person shape" a silhouette target would be totally out but its just the head thats an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handgunner View Post
    I frequent a couple of public ranges in my area and have noticed a difference in the various rules and regs each one has. While I haven't questioned or opposed any of them, I'm curious the know if anyone can explain why one would be "stricter" on certain policies than another.
    The simple explanation is someone made up the rules. Someone did so with bias, ignorance, knowledge, previous experience or based them on some other range's rules. You usually end up with rules geared to the lowest common denominator. The new gun owner who comes out and shoots everything except the target. I could go on and on after running an outdoor shooting facility for a few years.

    It is human nature to look at rules as they apply to you and how you act. That rarely works. Shooters who know what they are doing and are good shots tend to assume that everyone who uses a range is as they are, safe and a good shot. I can attest that this is absolutely not true.

    I wrote the rules at my facility's ranges. They were based on the facility capabilities and some appeasement of the neighbors and politicians. I had to meet with neighbors, county politicians and members of the facility. All in all we ended up with mostly common sense rules that allow flexibility for the users, and if followed, the ranges are safe for all.
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    rapid fire- yes
    work from holster- yes
    full size targets of BG's with guns- yes
    Carry CCP loaded- yes if they know you
    shotgun- yes
    from hip- recommended to my wife by RSO
    rifles up to .223- yes
    mag changes- yes
    rounds- as many as you can cram in

    My Mark II was acting up with my wife. I emptied the mag into the target as fast as possible trying to make it jam. No problem. I've emptied my G19 mag rapid fire no problem. Most of my recent practice has been drawing, firing 2 from the hip, and 3 COM as fast as possible. No problem. It is a private range. If I OC to the range I lock my slide back out of respect for the sign that says so. But I have been told I can CC loaded. And people say NC is weird about guns. Just the clowns making the laws.

    I like my indoor range!
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    I've been to a couple unmanned public ranges and had someone start shooting while I was downrange
    WOW. I'm a pretty quiet person, but if someone did that I think I just might have to give them an extreme chewing-out. And, maybe call the authorities and see if the offender could be banned from the range.

    Since I've never heard of something like that happening, I wonder if I just haven't gone enough times or if the crowd at the place I go is different? Not very many new shooters there, mostly college kids and locals.
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    I am lucky to live within easy distance of two ranges, fairly reasonable distance of a handful more (1+ hours). Have been to 5 of them, but the closest 2 the most often.

    So far, every range I have been to shares the anti-Steel ammo rule, the anti-holster carry rule, the no loaded weapons in store rule. They also all share certain target rules. Haven't seen the "no full size target" one yet, but some require that you purchase targets from them at the time you arrive, even if the ones you brought with you are the same.

    All of the deny you use of paper plates as targets. I only mention this because my NRA First Steps Training course/CCW course came with a packet that included information on the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program, which requires/recommends you use 9" diameter paper plates as your targets for qualifying for the first 3 levels in their 5 level program. I carted some paper plates with me to all 5 ranges thinking one of them would let me use them to "qualify". In the end, since it's not a regulated program and only I would know the wiser, I figured I could use regular targets and as long as mathematically/geometrically my groupings satisfied the requirements I could get away with it. Discussed the paper plate thing (not as a debate) with one of the range managers when he noticed the plates in my bag. He said they'd instituted it as a rule to be in compliance with the NRA, who apparently believe paper plate targets are anathema. They also sell LEO and tactical silhouette targets, photographic hostage-taker targets, etc which I thought the NRA was against. Go figure!

    Also -- haven't run across a range yet where I'm allowed to practice the NRA "position 1" -- seated, hands supported, double-hand grip on gun. I actually asked for a chair and permission to shoot from a seated position at one range, but was told that while they wouldn't hypothetically be against it, in reality the bench is so high that shooting from such a position would send all my bullets into their ceiling, and "they don't want property damage". I put that in quotes because since then I can't help but notice that at that range, and in fact any range, the bullets holes are everywhere, even the most unlikely places. Like, not even one foot downrange from my head when I stand at the bench? Riddled throughout the entire ceiling, ricochet marks down and across the walls, clips attached to the doohickeys that hold the targets having multiple bullet dents in them, etc.

    I definitely think the rules, as cooky as they may come across, are there for good reason. I just started shooting about a month ago, but I've been shooting a lot. I may be on day 20 of gun ownership, but I Can already see that a hefty portion of the folks attending the range are either wet behind the ears or however long they have been a gun person, they don't get out much. Today was, sadly, the first time I've been shooting at the range when the place was busy and the majority of the folks shooting were both practicing realistically and demonstrating real proficiency. Usually, it's me there shooting at 15 and 25 feet distances reasonably well for a beginner, and one or two other folks somewhere along the line shooting mainly 50 foot distances and missing most of their shots.

    One of the ranges nearest me also requires that you purchase their ammunition, even if you brought your own gun. The range that permits you to bring your own ammo will still ask to inspect it, and pull it out of the box, inspect the entire bullet etc. before they let you go in. Reloads are not just verboten, but carefully monitored and excluded, not just the commercial brands that aren't acceptable.

    One range does not permit loaded magazines or weapons, in addition to requiring them to be cased-not-holstered=or-oc'd on entry to the store. The other doesn't seem to care if it's loaded or your magazines are loaded, so long as it's cased. That was a revelation to me when a friend at the range noticed me spending inordinate time loading my magazines and told me to save time and load at home.
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    There are a couple ranges I go to but the one I like to go to more is about 20 miles north of where I live so I only go there when someone else is tagging along. The one I go to when I am by myself is about 12 miles south of where I live and they have some bogus rules but I abide by them.

    Ten round magazine limit
    No rapid firing
    No drawing from the holster

    I understand its difficult to tell who is well trained in the responsible and safe use of firearms when you are running a firing range open to the public. I much prefer to drive out to the middle of nowhere and practice some real life scenarios that I might find myself where I might need to point shoot. That is hard to do even in Alaska because most of the back trails require you to have 4WD which is why I want to get a Jeep Wrangler otherwise you could get stuck, not to mention I have to drive kind of far to get there.

    Hopefully this summer I can get out with a few of my gun toting buddies and we can practice on our own rules and get some real life scenarios rather than standing in a line just shooting at paper.
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    Yesterday I asked about tactical shooting from holster and the RSO gave his ok as long as it wasn't "Wyart Erp stuff". I assured him I'd try and refrain from trick shooting - though judging by the holes in the support beams it looks like people tried the "tossing plates in the air" routine. However the rule remains that entering and exiting the facility, all weapons must be cased. I don't know if it is overkill but I throw a small padlock on my case, just to show it is totally secure. He also affirmed that less experienced shooters had a tendancy to misplace shots on larger, full-sized targets, hence the ban on those.

    QUESTION - This has always been a practise of mine for obvious reasons but I wanted to know if anyone else did things differently. If I ever have to leave my booth to go back into the store, I pack up my guns and mag and take them with me - as opposed to leaving them in the booth. To me it just seems a habit of safety, especially when you don't know anyone else on the range.
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