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Davidson's Galllery of Guns

This is a discussion on Davidson's Galllery of Guns within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Has anyone ever ordered a pistol or rifle online using the Davidson's Gallery of Guns online Gun Genie ?? I was checking it out, how ...

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    Davidson's Galllery of Guns

    Has anyone ever ordered a pistol or rifle online using the Davidson's Gallery of Guns online Gun Genie ?? I was checking it out, how you can order right from your home direct, just by entering your zip, entering all your info, it brings up all participating dealers in my area and has the pricing, fees , taxes already figured up for each gun shop within 25 or 50 miles of my house. You just pay by credit card 25% down to Davidson's, they will contact
    the dealer you chose to purchase through and within 2 or 3 days your gun should arrive, then all you have to do is go take care of any paperwork, pay the remaining balance, and pick up your new gun. It sounds really convenient, I just wanted to hear from someone that has done the actual transaction with them.

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    I have.
    I went to my local dealer's web site and entered the "Gun search" section there. That throws you into Davidson's search engine. If you order, the gun is overnighted to your dealer, and you pick it up there. If a waiting period applies, it begins when you purchase the gun online, not when it arrives at the dealer.
    The transaction is very smooth, and I had no problems.

    I have found the prices differ by a slight amount between dealers.
    Lately, Davidson's seems to be out of everything I want.

    I find their prices to be very good, and I use them as a pricing guideline.

    They are based in Prescott, AZ. so they move a lot of Rugers

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    Howdy. I have had the pleasure of ordering a Ruger Vaquero from Davidson's. Like falling out of a tree, it was is so simple even a caveman can do it.
    As you say, click, find prices around you and place your order.
    Very convenient. It has worsened my gun buying habit, shall we say
    There is even a feature that gets them to send you an email when the gun you want is out-of-stock. That is how I got the Vaquero.....it is very popular with the SAS crowd and kind of hard to find.
    But, one day, the email popped up notifying me of the gun's availibility and the rest is history.
    I have dibbs on the GSG 1911 in .22 when it becomes available.
    Can't wait to get THAT email!

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    Very nice, I really wanted to hear some feedback on the issue before I ever ordered anything that way. It does sound very smooth to make a transaction, almost too easy...............

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    The site looked pretty handy, until I realized every gun I want is 'allocated'. Pretty useless I guess until the manufacturers actually catch up with demand
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    I both a few guns using this feature and it was very easy to do. You just have to be careful with different dealers pricing and fees.

    I bought guns that I could not find locally and picked the best price and picked it up in a few days.
    If they didn't tack on the extra fee it would really be a sweet deal.

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    I would have made a purchase through Davidsons if any of the guns I wanted were in stock.

    I found that most often, the gallery shows like 85 guns of which perhaps only one model number is in stock (if any), and in that case it is never the model that I wanted, usually one of the higher priced versions with the lasers or porting or performance tweaking which I don't want to pay a premium for.

    Sad thing is, quite often the model I did want wasn't even included in the list at all. So, no option to put myself on the "stock watch" for it, since it wasn't in the database.

    Or worse, as someone else said, having the model you want be "allocated" which basically makes me wonder why bother listing it anyway? No one of my 9-ish dealers in town have them, no one on line can get them, no one will show a price other than MSRP for them, and you can't request an email update when things change. Basically, those guns should have a big red hexagonal sign with a white rim saying "Dream On"
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