Considering a Ruger Mark III Target Pistol

Considering a Ruger Mark III Target Pistol

This is a discussion on Considering a Ruger Mark III Target Pistol within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'll be getting my tax return here soon, and I need to go ahead and get a .22 or 9mm so I have something cheap ...

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Thread: Considering a Ruger Mark III Target Pistol

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    Considering a Ruger Mark III Target Pistol

    I'll be getting my tax return here soon, and I need to go ahead and get a .22 or 9mm so I have something cheap to shoot if I ever run low on cash.
    Was considering Rugers mark III target pistol, the longer bull barrell.

    Any comments regarding this gun? Pros, cons, is it a good choice?

    And really worth $500.00 for a .22?

    My other possible choice was a 9mm Glock, but I really like the Mark III's shape.
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    My thoughts

    I do own one so I cant say entirely for certain. But a buddy if mine that I go the range with has one and Ive put quite a few rounds through it, several several hundred. He put thousands through it! I dont recall it ever having a jam or FTF and we've shot many brands through it. Its extremely accurate and I even shoot pretty decent with it left handed only and Im right handed. His is the stainless steel model and it was easy to clean. Ive heard people say the grip and grip angle are very 1911-esque by design and as a 1911 owner Id say thats a fairly accurate statement.

    I certainly plan on getting one!

    I cant say that it any better or worse than similar stuff because I don't have anything comparable to compare it to as far as .22 target pistols go. But I certainly felt it was worth the price. It seems to be plenty well built.

    My other Kahr is a Kimber.

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    can't go wrong with a Mark II or III.

    In addition to grip size and angle, the 22/45 series also has its manual safety, magazine latch, and bolt hold open latch in the same locations as the Colt 1911.45 service pistol. an inexpensive training tool for handling the 1911

    You can get them used in good shape for about half that.
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    I got the Mark III for my wife to shoot at the range last year. The only problem I have had with it was learning to take it apart and put it back together again. We have put about 22,000 rounds down range with it and have had NO problems at all.
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    I enjoy shooting my mark III. Mine is only the 4 or 5" barrel with the aluminum looking grips. Cost me $370 if i remember correctly. For me as long as I shoot plated/jacketed .22s it fires flawlessly. Don't know how many bricks I've been through with it but its one of my favorite guns to shoot. Usually never makes a range trip where it fired under 300 rounds. You can probably find the mark II used pretty cheap. I prefer the mark III b/c of the mag release being on the grip instead of on the bottom of the grip. Only downside so far is the mag disconnect crap and assembling it after cleaning

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    I think the Ruger Mark III (or II for that matter) is a great pistol. I've got a 22/45 that is really fun to shoot. Very accurate and the ergonomics are very similar to my 1911s. The nice thing is ammo is about 1/10 the cost of that for the .45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ox View Post
    I'll be getting my tax return here soon, and I need to go ahead and get a .22 or 9mm so I have something cheap to shoot if I ever run low on cash.
    Was considering Rugers mark III target pistol, the longer bull barrell.

    Any comments regarding this gun? Pros, cons, is it a good choice?

    And really worth $500.00 for a .22?

    My other possible choice was a 9mm Glock, but I really like the Mark III's shape.
    Yikes, $500 sounds kinda high. I bought one last year for $349, and just checked Ruger's website, the suggest retail is $430.
    Pricing aside I love mine, and so does my daughter who shoots it even more often than I do. It's a great little plinker, and other that a few feeding issues(ammo related) it's been great through it first 1500(or so) rounds.
    Takedown and reassembly can be tricky, watch the video on Ruger's website and follow it exactly, you'll have no trouble.
    The Mark series grip is great comfortable in the hand and it feels a lot like a 1911 style angle.
    Accuracy is great as well, my 13 year hit the steel plates 10 for 10 on her first try.
    Do shop around pricewise though.
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    i just bought the mkIII 22/45 and LOVE it.
    i probably wouldnt spend the extra 200 for the target mod, but thats just me.
    here is a review of the one i bought:
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    "And really worth $500.00 for a .22?"

    Yes, it's a steal! Great gun, great fun. You can also get the base model for $300 - $350.

    Price the Browning Buckmarks; the Rugers will seem cheap by comparison. They're prettier too!

    Buy one and don't look back.

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    I love my Mark III. It is very accurate, cheaper to shoot, but is a pain to reassemble. I paid about $330 for mine back when they first came out.

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    I like mine, nice and reasonably priced, the cheapest plainest blackest blunt-bull-barrelled one; the shiny stainless-steel model is too pretty to shoot. But, don't get mad at it and start pounding on it to get it back together, because you just might break the rear sight after scratching your dining-room/desk table. Look at YOU TUBE gun videos, for take-down and reassembly demonstrations with nice wise FREE advice, and READ the instructions. It will loosen up and you ought to act like a patient grownup. Oh, Ruger will probably send you a free replacement sight, without clever comical comments or quizzes, if you break that one at the rear of your Mark III gun. They did not whine when I called them to replace mine.

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    I've got a Mark III Pro hunter withe the fluted bull barrel. My family and I love it. BTW it's not my first Mark series pistol.
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    I have a Mark II with bull barrel that is very accurate and fun to shoot. I bought it in a pawn shop for my son when he got his 1st degree black belt 9 years ago. I paid $250 for it. It has never jammed with any type of ammo. The only thing is that the rear sight will move to the left and I have to constantly adjust it. I guess that I can loctite the adjustment screw so that it never moves.

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    The prices have gone up on all handguns in the past year since O took office I'm afraid.

    I just bought a Stainless 5.5 inch bull barrel target model Mark III a few days ago. Price was $479. I'm going to take it out and shoot it tomorrow. Haven't had the chance to take it out yet with work and weather. I'm off tomorrow and it's supposed to be nice.

    This is not my first one either. Several years ago, I had two of them. A slab side with wood grip, and a Mark II just like the Mark III, but without the newest changes to it (loaded chamber indicator, grip mounted magazine release button, and being drilled/tapped for scope mount...which came with it). The slab side I had was used and had a problem, so I bought the Mk II. I figured out the problem with the slab side and fixed it. Then I had two real good shootin irons. lol Can't remember why I got rid of them, but regretted it.

    This one, I'll hang on to.

    Oh, I think the buck marks are a little less expensive, and some people like them, but I prefer the Rugers.
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    I have a MK II that I bought back in 83, and I have a MK III that I bought two years ago. The MK III is a 5 1/2 target. I do like the mag release on the III. I didn't like the mag safety, so that was the first thing that had to go. The loaded chamber indicator was the second thing. I ordered a block plate for it the other day. Right now it is disconnected. The only problem I had was the LCI. I shot it a lot, and when the LCI gets real dirty you start to stove pipe. Very accurate 22, if I do my job.

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