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Thread: Colt SAA Army replica

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    Colt SAA Army replica

    Anyone know what those Colt SAA Army revolvers replica's are going for these days? I know Colt still makes them but heard the MSRP is upwards of $1500. Anyone ever spotted one on the used market and remember what they saw them for?

    A quick search on gunbroker and I just came up with a bunch of genuine Colts goign for many thousands.

    Yes, I'm curious enough to start looking for one of the replicas(perferably something along the lines of a Blued/CaseColored 5.5"...but not at 1500 a pop!

    My Grandfather had an original years ago when I was a kid, but had sold it off many years ago. I had fallen in love with that gun though. I think it was the 5.5" "artillery" model.
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    There are genuine Colt Single Action Army revolvers available for a little over a thousand on GunBroker all the time, in different calibers and configurations. A blue/case colored 5 1/2-inch would be one of the easiest to acquire.

    Get on GunBroker and just put in "single action" to see what comes up and the prices. I had a Uberti replica single action in .38-40 with a 7 1/2-inch barrel and it was quite nice. It shot well and was accurate. It didn't have the same feel as the genuine Colt though. I still have one of those.


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