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New Patient Form Asked If we Own Firearms

This is a discussion on New Patient Form Asked If we Own Firearms within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Jetpilot007 "Do you own firearms in the home? If so are they secured and locked?" A decent doctor seeks health and well ...

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Thread: New Patient Form Asked If we Own Firearms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetpilot007 View Post
    "Do you own firearms in the home? If so are they secured and locked?"
    A decent doctor seeks health and well being for patients.

    But to single out firearms from the thousand of typical things in a home in which misuse can cause injury is a bit silly. Having those things hardly implies lack of health, or lack of well being. Therefore, intrusive. I agree.

    A bookshelf loaded with 350 lbs of books. A can of Ajax cleanser under the sink. A jug of paint stripper in the garage. An aged batter in the CO sensor, smoke sensor, etc. Let alone the bicycle, the lawn mower, the weed eater, scissors, the butter knife, and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c1ogden View Post
    I've never seen this on a written form but its been common knowledge for years that the doctor's "professional" groups like the American Medical Assoc. were pushing their members to "counsel" their victims, er, I mean patients, on the hazards of gun ownership.

    My kids go to a group pediatric practice where they might see any of 6 or 8 doctors in that office. I was there with one daughter (about 11 years old) about 6-8 years ago when the doc asked her if there were any guns in the house. Before I could interrupt she answered “Yes but its okay, my dad is a cop”. I then looked directly at her and told her that we don't discuss our family security details with strangers, especially those who don't have enough class to do their jobs and keep their noses out of other people's business.

    The doc then addressed me and started spouting the old BS stats about how a gun in the home was more likely to be used to kill a family member than an intruder when I cut him off and told my daughter we especially don't talk to people who think they know more than we do when they clearly don't know what they're talking about. The clown then started to argue with me and I pointed out to him that the “study” he was quoting had been widely discredited long before he finished med school and that he should not discuss subjects that he has no real knowledge of and that I would appreciate it if he would stop lying to my kids. We still go to that pediatric group but we avoid seeing that particular retard.
    I wouldn't have sat there and wasted my time arguing with such an idiot. About the time that conversation started we would have been on the way out the door, heading to a different doctor. After I got home I may have made a call to the manager at that office and reported the verbal abuse I was given by the doctor in question, reminding them of his or her complete lack of qualifications regarding the subject.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetpilot007 View Post
    I took my wife to the doctor office not too long ago. Since my wife was a new patient, we had the usual 3 inch paperwork to fill out.

    One of the questions asked:

    "Do you own firearms in the home? If so are they secured and locked?"

    My face turned WHITE! I said who the hell is the guy asking such an intrusive question? I took my pen, and


    Has anyone else witnessed this before?
    Same question and same response. The AMA is anti-gun and I heard that they have been asking Dr's to ask this quesiton on new patient applications.

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    Cross your fingers next time!
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