Monster Quest Expedition

Monster Quest Expedition

This is a discussion on Monster Quest Expedition within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Just for fun, lets say you have been invited to go with a Monster Quest fact finding expedition into a remote part of somewhere America. ...

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Thread: Monster Quest Expedition

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    Monster Quest Expedition

    Just for fun, lets say you have been invited to go with a Monster Quest fact finding expedition into a remote part of somewhere America. Much of the travel will be on foot, you will be carrying camera gear and equipment, over rugged mountain terrain. You will be staying in this remote location for a week, miles from civilization. The research subject is Bigfoot. In your mind, you are undecided about the existance of this creature. You have decided to carry a handgun for protection, and this handgun must come out of YOUR CURRENT collection. Describe your choice of handgun out of your current collection and include ammo choice as well as a brief synopsis of why. I will start out by picking my Ruger Blackhawk loaded with 215 gr hardcast bullets over a generous dose of magnum powder, or my model 627 8 shot 357 loaded the same way. I choose these for easy packing, power, penetration, and reliability. I may also choose my beloved glock 10mm loaded with Double Taps exellent 200 grn hardcast bullets. Lets hear from you and let the fun begin!
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    10mm or .44mag, if you have it. A rifle might not be a bad idea.

    I'd mainly be worried about bear and other things like that. You're not going to get killed by bigfoot

    Is this some sort of thing run regularly by someone? I'd be worried it is either a scam, or they plan to use you to pull off some kind of hoax. If you see bigfoot don't shoot it, it's probably just a guy in a costume
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    In Alaska it was a Ruger Redhawk 44 mag...should have never sold it!
    Yep, a Ruger Redhawk would be my hiking partner.
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    Based on the title....I'm assuming by MonsterQuest your referring to the TV Show? Not sure that my collection would provide me with a reasonable option. But if I had to....either the .357mag or the 12 g. Doubt my 9mm would do anything to bigfoot and the .45 might be too slow with questionable penetration. If I could buy one for the trip I'm thinking Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull.

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    A very nice lever action carbine in .444 Marlin.

    Of course I don't actually HAVE that little darlin' but if I did...

    Marlin Model 444

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    I'd bring my boy's phaser. Its powerful, lightweight and has endless shots.
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    No fair - I don't have a 10mm yet. I'm just not armed for bear/bigfoot.

    My best hand-cannon would have to be the G30 loaded with 230gr FMJ.
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    Super Blackhawk 44 mag., best I have in a handgun for that type of situation.

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    Definitely my S&W 44 mag.

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    AR15 pistol with numerous 30 round mags
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I'd bring my boy's phaser. Its powerful, lightweight and has endless shots.

    I'd want to take a mobile version of the transporter - no need to shoot - just beam the problem away. But, I wouldn't turn down the phaser!

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    I'd carry my Bohemian 880 magnum,If I'm looking for a mythical creature I'm gonna carry a mythical gun
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    I've like those shows for some reason, guilty pleasure maybe. But the on camera talent never carries a real weapon. Even if the things they are going after don't exist, snakes, gators, bears, wolves and big cats frequently do in the places they go! I'd be carrying my 30-06, or getting a 12 gauge ("But I had to buy it honey, we're going Bigfoot hunting!" <- in my best Elmer Fudd imitation).

    Back to the OP's criteria, the only handgun that I own that even comes close is a 1911 in 45ACP, so that is what I would take, loaded with 230 grain FMJ.

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    mossberg 500 12 gauge pump loaded with slugs and 00 buckshot.

    I realize it's not a handgun, but I doubt a 9mm is taking Bigfoot down.
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    The only handgun I have that would be up to the task is a S&W .357. If I could bring a rifle, it would my Marlin 1895 .45-70.

    Yes, shows about this stuff are among my guilty pleasures. UFO's too. Love listening to Coast to Coast radio. I did see one show (I don't think it was Monster Quest), where one of the local searchers fired about 4 or 5 rounds from a Glock (had to be blanks, or at least I hope so) into the darkness because he heard that blood curdling shriek that Sasquatch makes. I will have to try to find it-it's gotta be on Youtube.

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