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How many have you had?

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Thread: How many have you had?

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    S&W M&P 9c: No malfunctions.
    S&W M&P .40: No malfunctions.
    H&K P7: No malfunctions.
    Ruger SP101: No malfunctions.
    S&W 642: No malfunctions.
    Kel-Tec P32: Consistent malfunctions with hollow point ammo. This is a known issue due to the magazine design that has been corrected.
    Kahr P9: Early, varied malfunctions including failure to feed and failure to eject. Had mostly ironed themselves out after about 500 rounds.

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    Columbus, OH
    XD - 2500rds w/o any malfunctions
    P250 - 300rds and 1 missfead.
    Springfield Armory XD 9mm service
    Sig Sauer P250c 9mm

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    My llama .380....i just got it two days ago and before then never even held a gun, shot it yesterday at the range, i shot about 30 rounds... 2 clips or magazines (not sure if there is a difference, my cousin called a clip, the guy who showed me how to break it down called it a magazine.) but the first time i went to shoot by myself, i accidentally jammed it. I think it was my fault. But the one buddy of his came up and fixed it, showed me how to do it, and i was fine the rest of the time......

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    The Sig Mosquito fun gun is the worst ever - if you use anything but CCI mini-mag. Sig says that they "recommend" that's more like you MUST use that ammo.

    In all fairness to Sig, yes, it is great if you do use that ammo.

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    Some guns jam some dont. Some jam with certain ammo and not others. I would have better luck counting women and beers than jams. Too many to remember. ( I have owned a couple of Taurus automatics....whew, really lost count then)

    If a gun jammed up more than a couple times I got rid of it. There have been a few that went that way.

    I think if you run different types of hollwpoints through a semi-auto long enough you will get some type of occasional malfunction, whether it be due to the ammo or the gun or user error. That's why they teach clearing drills.

    Auto shotguns jam too, so I prefer pumps for SD work and I prefer revolvers for carry and home defense. Never had a jam with a any of my revolvers and if a round didn't go boom due to a bad primer I just pulled the trigger again. No tapping and racking, just banging. lol

    The only auto I own that has NEVER had a malfunction of any kind is a RIA 1911 that I have. Even my Sig doesn't like certain ammo and will have an ftf from it. I'd say it has had about 4 ftfs out of over 2000 rounds, 3 when I first got it and was trying different ammo types and one last week, because I failed to fully seat the mag when doing a tac reload. The RIA is the only one that has digested every god awful kind of ammo that has been put in it and I haven't made some screw up yet. Eventually though, it too will have an ftf. It's the nature of the beast.
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    other than a box of wolf military classic that gave me nothing but headaches (about a 10% fail to fire rate with great multiple primer strikes)...i have yet to have a malfunction in a taurus pt111 mil pro & pt1911, glock 30sf, 19 & 26 and jiminez ja380...every one of them with well over a thousand rounds..the pt111 several thousand rounds steel and brass...the jiminez, pt111 & pt1911 have been traded off in an effort to go all glock for similar manual of arms and my newfound love for their ease of use, accuracy and ability to share components...

    my smith 22a has had an issue or 2 with feeding now and then when dirty...but ive never owned a .22 that didnt get finicky now and again...its a deadly accurate little plinker though and a barrel of fun to shoot...

    that takes care of recent guns...i cant remember any formers that gave me any trouble to speak of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by merischino View Post

    The other problem was when a friend took down the Glock to install a NY1 Trigger and 3.5# connector, then put it back together incorrectly. I had gone to try it out at a far flung range that would take steel cased ammo, and ended up getting stuck with a slide lock release failure on practically every one of 200 rounds. It was a miserable afternoon at the range, but once I figured out why I was having so much trouble, it wasn't as much of a concern. Once I installed the slide lock release the way it is supposed to be installed, I have not had another problem.

    Soooooo, did the friend get the spring beside the locking block instead on under it? And the slide locked up solid and would not rack? Only the slide lock would release it. The spring was probably bent up more than it should be when removed. It sounds very familiar to me.
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    Only had one problem child, that was a cw40, got rid of it.
    Current collection: Too many according to the wife...

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    Remmington 582 - 10k+ rounds and maybe two or three hundred problems, all seemingly ammo related.

    Mossberg 500 - 400-500 shells with one feed issue.

    Sig 229 9mm - 750 rounds and no malfunctions.

    Kimber Crimson Pro - 400 rounds and no malfunctions.

    XD 40 sub compact - 300 rounds and no malfunctions.

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    Had an XD .45 5" that I put around 700 rounds through without a single hiccup.

    My Sig Skeeter is picky, but I don't mind it, it's my "fun gun". If I have to hand cycle it to shoot at a tennis ball, then whatever. It also seems to like Remington Thunderbolt ammo as much as Mini-mags.

    The SAO P220 3.8" that I traded my XD in towards has been flawless, but I've only got around 60 rounds down the tube. She's not even broken in yet.

    I will say that my XD was inherently accurate, I loved that thing. Was the only person in my CWP class that brought a .45 along to do it. Had 29 out of 50 rounds through the same hole. Just couldn't justify going to a Sig .45 and shelling out $715 for the 220 when I was able to get $350 out of the XD towards it. Lost a bit of change in translation, but the XD, for me, was just too big to carry. The 220 is just right.
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    XD40SC: 1,000 rounds + or -, zero
    PPS 9mm: 600-700 rounds + or -, zero
    Sigma 9VE: 500-600 rounds + or -, zero

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    My Kel-Tec PF9 so far has had one misfire, and a handful of failures to feed due to the magazine popping out. Since I have replaced the floor plate (with the non-extended option) it has functioned properly.

    My 1911 has never misfired, but for a time had about a 33% fail to eject rate due to a faulty extractor. I have since replaced the extractor, and I'm functioning properly now.

    My Taurus revolver had a frightening problem where the hammer would fall without the chamber in line with the barrel. The cylinder would over-rotate without the locking mechanism engaging. Fortunately, every time it did this, the primer did not function. I did a little work with a stone one one of the internal components (don't know the terminology, some sort of disconnector) which resulted in the chamber locking in the right place.

    The Glock functions 100% of the time, and I've put a couple thousand rounds through it.
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    My older S&W Model 41 (.22 RimFire) went 11,000 rounds without any function failures at all.
    I only ever shoot high quality .22 cartridges.
    That is a doggone amazing rate for any .22 LR handgun regardless.

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    i've had one stovepipe in 650 rounds on my Sig 250. Pretty sure that was my fault though.

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    My KT PF9 had it's first failure to extract two weeks ago, but I think it was the ammo... my Ruger P95 also had two failures to extract out of the same box of ammo (WWB), and I had to pry the spent cases out of the chamber with my knife. I have put two boxes (one Remington, one Independence) through them since, and no problems.

    I have a Ruger LCR and a Heritage Rough Rider with no failures at all. I also have a Hi-Point .40 S&W as a truck gun, and it has never had any failures either (and that's after about 2000 rounds... not bad for $50).
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