How many have you had?

How many have you had?

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Thread: How many have you had?

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    How many have you had?

    No i'm not talking about women or beers.

    How many missfires have you had with your handgun?

    I carry a Ruger P90, I bought it new like 11 years ago or there abouts.

    My first shell I put in it jammed. It was a reload and the brass was bent on the cartridge.

    Since then I have put about another two thousand rounds through it, and never had any jam, or missfires

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    I have multiple handguns, so I'll just talk about my main carry guns;

    220; 5 maybe. probably close to 10k through it now. Most were a result of a dirty gun or junk ammo.
    228; none
    PM9; a few... but all were my fault or junk ammo.
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    None of my handguns have misfired or jammed. Except for one, both times.

    Walther P99 jammed on factory ammo after a few boxes. I think it got too dry, after a bit of oil it cycled just fine. The other time is my own reload that I forgot to add the powder to, hey it happens. Totally not the guns fault, but I count it.

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    Ruger sr-9 -none, about 400 rounds thru it, Keltec pf-9 (limp wristing) a couple out of my first mag.. then none 300 or so rounds....walther p-22 maybe one out of every 200 or so with federal bulk and i have run it when it was real dirty, over 3000 rounds thru it....sold a Ruger p-95 to my dad that never failed in over 10 years, and i shot every brand you can find thru it. Had a cheap Phoenix .22 that failed at least once a mag. and last but not least my rem. 1100 jammed once on the second shell, but that once was at the biggest buck i have ever seen on the hoof.
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    I've been shooting for 30 years, currently own 10 handguns (6 revolvers and 4 semis) and I've never had a misfire, jam, FTF, or FTE in any of them. The only handgun that I have ever owned that I currently do not own is a .22lr semi-auto I had as a teenager. It had jamming issues and I sold it about 2 years after I bought it. I had a failure to fire in someone else's weapon several months ago when we were shooting.

    I am OCD about cleaning and maintaining my weapons and I only use quality factory ammo.
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    i owned 3 handguns in 2 years since i started carrying, My SR9 has been flawless, the PT92C one jam in 700 rounds, my Beretta Tomcat had couple jams is why i sold it cuz i feared the frame will crack so sold it before it happened.
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    I've been real lucky, I have not experienced any problems thus far. Been shooting for about 40 years.

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    Never had a malfunction on any gun I've EVER shot!

    I have a sixth sense and can tell if a gun is a lemon just by looking at it in the box!

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    I have an older S&W .45 that's susceptible to limp wristing and poor form causing stove pipes. Totally shooter related, and mostly when I am working one handed. My first shot during my CCW course stove piped with the instructor behind me. GRRR.

    My G19 bent a slide catch spring and jammed up good. The slide complete locked up. My fault, I did not put it back in correctly. It's the only problem and it's getting close to 1000 rds.

    My Mark II is pretty ammo sensitive, all lead ammo jams up regularly. Copper plated runs well.
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    I have a barely used Glock 22 which I have fired 1550 rounds through since I picked it up several weeks ago.

    I have had numerous problems, but they are all related to one of two things: first, I bought an aftermarket super jumbo honking 33 round magazine that just plain is badly engineered. The thing misfeeds regularly. With the Glock factory mags, I have never had a problem.

    The other problem was when a friend took down the Glock to install a NY1 Trigger and 3.5# connector, then put it back together incorrectly. I had gone to try it out at a far flung range that would take steel cased ammo, and ended up getting stuck with a slide lock release failure on practically every one of 200 rounds. It was a miserable afternoon at the range, but once I figured out why I was having so much trouble, it wasn't as much of a concern. Once I installed the slide lock release the way it is supposed to be installed, I have not had another problem.

    So.... if you eliminate stupidity/user error (both choice of magazine and faulty installation), my Glock functions perfectly every time and takes whatever ammo I feed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elshadow001 View Post
    How many missfires have you had with your handgun?
    I've lost count of the exact number of rounds I have shot. But, over roughly 25 firearms, I have probably experienced 20 failures of the ammo to fire when the firing pin has struck the primer. It has occurred across a range of ammunition, both with firearms I have owned and others I have borrowed or rented. I don't recall seeing a pattern in the case of any of them, as it occurred so rarely. None of these appeared to be due to the firearm.

    This is across well over 80Krds of firing in 17+ years. I figure that a failure rate of ~20/80000 due to the ammunition is to be expected.

    Now and then, I have had some issues. For example, a screw came loose on the magazine release catch in my CZ P-01, affecting the trigger-to-hammer link assembly. A few dozen failures to fire occurred before the specific problem was identified. Had a Kel-Tec P3AT with a broken part that caused inability to strike the primer. And I've had a few failures to return to battery in an STI Shadow (new, during break-in, during the first 100 rds). Beyond that, everything else appeared to have been due to the ammunition itself.
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    The FNP45 has only had mag problems that turned out to be ammo related. WWB seems to be a bit longer than other ammo and sometimes caused the mags to bind up and prevent feeding. Never had any problems with any other ammo. I did have a FTF once, but it was because I forgot to rack the slide.

    The PT709 has had a couple light strikes on new factory ammo, but that's it. I shot some 9mm ammo left over from the Spanish Civil War and it all went boom, but a few had problems with ejecting. And it was definitely the ammo as we tried it in several guns and all of them had this problem with that ammo.

    All the other semi autos that I've had and shot over the years have been pretty reliable, but not perfect. Maybe 1 problem out of every 1000 rounds or so. Certainly nothing to worry about.

    My other guns are antiques and are a bit more finicky. But I don't rely on them for defense, so not really a problem.

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    The only handguns that have ever given me any problems were 1911s of which I now don't have. Glocks and revolvers all 100 percent with factory or my handloads.

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    My Beretta Bobcat .22 occasionally, based on ammo brand. Actually all my .22 LR pistols from time to time, except for the Taurus revolver. I think it's the nature of the .22LR caliber.

    My carry guns though, different story:

    My Ruger LCR, never.
    My CZ 9mm's, never.

    Shotguns: My Remington shotties, never.
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    My AK and my SA-XD9sc have been flawless. *knocks on wood* No issues, at all.

    My Ruger has fired every time, and with the factory magazine, it's been flawless. The cheap plastic after-market mags have caused feeding errors though.

    Bersa had 2-3 FTF/FTE in the first few mags, but hasn't happened since. (Haven't had enough .380 to put much through it.)

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