Why FFL?

Why FFL?

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Thread: Why FFL?

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    Why FFL?

    I have a friend considering getting an FFL but I am not sure why he would really want to?

    Are you able to get guns cheaper from a wholesaler or something or does it just save you the FFL fee if you're buying a gun online?

    If you CAN get them cheaper with an FFL from a wholesaler, how do you go about doing it and what types of savings can one expect from having the FFL?

    I don't know much and was just wondering. Any help or info from someone who knows or may have an FFL would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
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    It is probably pretty good business to just do transfers, if you can get the word out. From your home, I mean, with no overhead.

    I certainly don't see how it makes sense for a single individual who doesn't want to make a business of it.
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    Depends what FFL he wants, there's a C&R one that I think had some incentives for individuals without a business. Also one for gun smiths, again forger the specifics. Keep in mind there's three or four types of FFL's available. And it gives you the ability to make as many purchases a month as you'd like, in area's where that's restricted.

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    Currently I'm waiting on BATFE material for the C&R License....the fee isn't bad (something like $30 for 3 years)....BUT it does NOT allow for transferring of modern firearms!!
    The main reason I'm applying is to get discounts on parts from various vendors...
    Of course....you never know when a Civil War powder loader will turn up....!!
    BTW.....the C&R paperwork is just as involved -- fingerprints, photo, reference from local PD, etc...

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    You'd have to look up the specifics, but when I looked into getting a FFL a few years back (quite a few) , they had tightened up on the requirements. Whereas once anyone could apply, to tighten up on the "backdoor" shops, you had to have a business address. If the address was your residence, you had to have a separate "shop" with regular hours open to the public. That pretty much ended a guy getting a license and buying his and his friends' guns on the cheap.

    I don't know what the requirements are these days. You need to research that yourself and don't rely on a "buddy's" knowledge or someone who got their's five years ago. These requirements change frequently, so go to the real source for current info.
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    I looked into an FFL so I could receive hand guns from customers in order to make custom holsters. I was not comfortable with the storage facility requirements and the ability of the BATF to inspect said storage facility and the fact that all of my personal guns would then be subject to these same regulations.

    When you toss in the cost of shipping a firearm, the likely hood of anyone sending a gun for a custom holster dwindles to the point that I could not justify the PITA factor involved. It would be nice to get the dealer discount on parts though.
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    I'm going for my FFL this year for our business venture. I think it will be worth it in the long run. One does have to go through a lot of red tape and meet some requirements. There are websites that will tell you step by step what to do and assist with filling out the paperwork. These days, there are a few new requirements that need to be met such as being a certified gunsmith or such. The BATFE has tried to rule out the FFLs for individuals simply wanting one for personal use and purchase of firearms to avoid some of the fees associated with doing that. Supposedly, I'm good to buy wholesale from some vendors with my current credentials, but I'd still have to go through a licensed FFL in my area with a transfer and fees. If I want to offer deals to local folks, I want to keep prices competitive...therefore, if I can avoid passing on a transfer fee to the customer, I can keep those prices competitive. The FFL application is extensive, and demands particular answers that could make it or break it on a single line item....you need the right answers or you'll be wasting your time. Then there's the $200 fee, and you more than likely need to have filed for a federal tax ID number (preferably under a business name which you can do via internet for $9.99), then apply for a sales and usage tax permit from your state (another application and fee....mine is $50 with my state), etc........ Not exactly easy, but you have to be determined and have everything in order.

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    A freind of mine went through getting his FFL about 6 or 7 years ago. It ended up being a real nightmare, but he finally got it.

    What Ramrod said andf what my freind told me sounds pretty typical of what was once a free country where people were able to start up a small mom and pop and have it grow into something big over time, produce revenue and potentially employ others. Formerly known as capitalism.

    No wonder we have a stiffled economy and the corportions would rather locate themselves elsewhere. You need a team of lawyers, permits, and countless fees to open a friggin lemonade stand in today's command and control atmoshere.

    Most folks I knew who had FFLs for their personal use and to get wholesale for their freinds let them go back when the regs and rules were tightened and fees raised. My uncle had one for years but let his go becuase it just wasn't worht it anymore.

    That was the intent of the gov, to get rid of as many small dealers as they could by making the regulatory burden more trouble than it was worth. It worked.

    It also seems to me that it corresponded with the end of gun shows as they used to be. Gun shows used to be places to get good deals. Many small dealers would show up and sell stuff on the cheap due to low overhead costs and stuff. Now the shows are mostly filled with the big dealers looking for top dollar. (except of course for the people selling junk jewelry and beef jerky)
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