Baby Glock or Springfield Compact XD?

Baby Glock or Springfield Compact XD?

This is a discussion on Baby Glock or Springfield Compact XD? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; baby glock or sprinfield compact xd? What do you guys recommend for me to conceal? Im at a cross roads between the two, the baby ...

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Thread: Baby Glock or Springfield Compact XD?

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    Baby Glock or Springfield Compact XD?

    baby glock or sprinfield compact xd?

    What do you guys recommend for me to conceal?
    Im at a cross roads between the two, the baby glock is smaller but my pinky is left hanging!
    With the Springfield Compact xd- it comes with an extension clip, two mag clips, and a holster, with light attachments, etc?
    Still uncertain what to purchase, any tips would help.

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    Don't worry about your pinky finger. When the SHTF...Your pinky finger can take of itself.
    Go with the Glock.

    You already answered your own question.
    You're buying it for concealment...who cares about hanging a doggone light on it?

    Go for the 100% reliability in the smallest carry package.

    BTW: you're going to want to buy a top quality holster for max concealment & comfort don't worry about the free holster either.

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    I agree with QKShooter ! Go with the glock . I carry a 26 as a back up under my dutybelt everyday at work and when carrying concealed i also carry it . GO WITH GLOCK !

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    Get what fits you best. The grip angle would be a deciding factor for me.
    Some folks cannot shoot well with there pinky dangling.
    Either way you can get a pinky extension mag plate.
    How big of gun can you comfortably conceal?
    What gun do you shoot better?
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    For this type of gun i went with a XDSC because the little finger groove in the Sub compact glocks don't fit my fingers.

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    :) baby glock in a model 29 !
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    Get yourself a Glock, you wont regret it!

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    i am not much help here since i honestly prefer single stack autos for ccw
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    Fortunately I have both,And the glock
    fit's better in my hand.
    If you can ,go to a range the rent's both,
    and try them.

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    I've got an XD-9 SC and I love it, but you can't go wrong with a Glock either. The XD just felt better in my hand. I also like the grip safety, chamber indicator and stricker indicator on the XD.

    I agree that you should find a range that will let you shoot both and give them a try.
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    My opinion...

    First off, if you're most comfortable with a single-stack, look at a G36...

    Between the G26/27 and XD-SC, the GLOCK is longer but slightly slimmer, and has a shorter grip (though some find it uncomfortable, due to the angle and shortness, including me). The XD is inherently more accurate, not that that matters greatly for SC CCWs. The XD's grip-safety adds an extra level of protection from an ND, and the ambidextrous mag release gives lefty's some relief. The XD's trigger is far more crisp. I find the XD easier to disassemble and clean, also...

    Both the GLOCK and XD have fared very well in torture and reliability tests which I have read about, and though some complaints of poor finish were made of the earliest XDs, the problem has been resolved. I personally was in your position 2 years ago faced with this decision.

    I own 2 XDs

    I own 0 GLOCKs

    I respect them both, one just fits me better than the other, and has a few more benefits/advantages. Try them out and decide for yourself.


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    Pistol choice

    I would go with the springfield. I have one. Its 100% reliable. And it is safer then the glock.Glocks however are good choice. I think the Springfield is a better choice Imho.Try both out before you buy and pick the one that you like the best.Stay safe.

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    Try them both out at a range - that nat decide for you. It's hard to go wrong with either (from what I'm heard about the XD), and based on two Glocks I shoot. My name says a lot about my "opinion". lol
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    I have an xd-40SC and considered a glock 27. Hold them both, they point differently. The XD have a rusting problem though. IMO you can't go wrong with either. The glock probably has a slightly shorter grip but the XD probably has a slightly shorter slide (if the xd9 vs. G26 is the same as XD40 vs. G27).

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    I have the Glock 27 and absolutely love it. And the pinky thing makes no difference. I am a big guy 6'2" and have huge hands it shoots great and feels great. Best of all it is so easy and comfortable to conceal.
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