45 ACP help

45 ACP help

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Thread: 45 ACP help

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    45 ACP help

    Hello everyone I am new to the forum and hope that I am posting in the right area. I will be looking into purchasing a 45acp in the next month or so. I have been lucky enough to have fired a few 1911s and have found the round a little more managable than some 40s that I have come across. I am looking at a Springfield XD 4" and a S&W M&P 45 since they are in my price range. Can anyone give me any pros and cons on this two particular models. Any help would be great.


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    Armando, welcome.

    The M+P and XD (as well as the Glock) are very similar in size, weight and the way they operate. All have proven reliable after some early teething problems. The XDs and the M+Ps have models with a thrumb safety, if that's of value to you. But fundamentally, it comes down to what feels good in *your* hand. The best thing to do is to find a range that rents these guns and "fly before you buy." Seriously - there really are so few functional and practical differences among these guns, it comes down to the loudest cheerleading squad for each in forums like this.
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    Glock 30/30SF i would look into it. 10+1 and easy to conceal. and it fits fine in my G19 holsters fwiw. the M&P 45 compact is a fine choice as well....i love the M&Ps too. i would also look at the HK45C

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    I have the baby brother of the XD's (9mm Subcompact) but I love the XD series. Very comfortable, perfect for me to point shoot, great capacity and I'm a fan of the grip safety. (although it's a very tiny plus for me.)

    The M&P's feel like a good line, I just haven't had the chance to throw some lead with it.

    I believe the XDm's are getting a .45 cousin added to the list, if that's something that may interest you.

    Like the others have mentioned, there's glocks as well, which you should at least look at, but don't fall into the mentality that glocks are the only option.

    Try finding other shooters in the area with those guns, and see if they'll let you shoot a few rounds through them.

    Texas Gun Owner.com might have someone who can help you.

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    Personally I love the XD platform; everyone has an opinion, right? Both of those models will reliably go bang when you pull the trigger, so whichever one you like more is the way to go.
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    I have the XD45acp Service and my brother owns the M&P45.

    Comparing the two I would say:

    - The XD is slightly easier to break down for maintenance
    - I prefer the more aggressive square grip on the XD. M&P is round and smooth grip
    - The M&P comes with a choice of magazine safety or without
    (weapon will not/will fire if magazine is ejected)
    - XD has grip safety like a 1911
    - There are more parts available for the XD series so far
    - M&P is all American made. XD is made in Croatia for Springfield

    I like both but I liked a few more things about the XD.
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    I have not handled or shot the XD, but i have a M&P 45FS and 45c. They both shoot and carry better than my Glocks( 21 and 30). However, the mags and accessories are cheaper for the Glocks.

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    I have the XD 45 Compact. It comes with an extra extended mag which converts it to a service model 4" XD 45. Thus, I get the best of two worlds - a 45 XD compact and a full sized XD. However, the term "compact" is a little misleading, because when compared to the 40SW and 9mm, it is not all that compact.
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    from Central Florida!

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    glock 21 works great,or a h&k usp

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    IF you can find one - they've been selling like hot cakes for the past year or so - check out a Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro. Give that a test ride.

    I got one to use as an inexpensive test bed and it's become my preferred daily carry.
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    I highly suggest the XD, or even better the XDm (comes in 3.8" or 4.5")
    I have the 9mm XDm 4.5" and its just great. points naturally, the safetys are wonderful. easy to take apart, very accurate, very reliable. just cant go wrong.
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    I have the M&P 45 compact,I put another 100 rounds thru It sunday,It has a 4" barrel but a shorter grip than the full size,carries 8+1 and is accurate
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    I love my XDs!


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