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View Poll Results: Do you practice WO your eye glasses?

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Thread: For those that wear glasses

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    Laser Grips.
    Problem solved.
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    I haven't but probably should.
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    Since everything gets blurry 28 inches from my nose without my glasses I shoot wiht my glasses on
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    I really need my corrective lenses!!!!
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    I'm blind enought w/out them, such that I have to reads normal text about 6" from my I think you can figure out the rest. I'm hoping everything will line up and I'll get Lasik in the near future.
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    I had found that my progressive lenses were distracting. So, I take them off, Line up the sights, and aim for the middle of the fuzzy black dot. It works for me.

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    100 % every time

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    Well you know the rest

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    I said never cause the sights are to fuzzy without um.

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    I practice point shooting without the glasses, as well as weak-hand shooting. Ya never know....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    Well gee wiz Sheldon, you didn't give me an option in the poll.

    I don't shoot without my glasses at every range session, but I do make it a point to shoot without my glasses on a fairly regular basis.

    Just make sure you some form of eye protection, whether it's your prescription glasses or safety glasses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandolero View Post
    I can actually see my sights better without my glasses then I can with them (lenses are to correct distance vision).

    I practice both ways.
    You're pretty much describing me exactly. But because I had trouble seeing the little holes in the paper I switched to contacts about a month ago. But occasionally I practice without them in case I wake up to Mr. Bad Guy in my house at 3AM. I can't say "hold on, I need to put in my contacts first."

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    shooting in public without glasses? Wow
    I guess, as long as you only need them for reading.

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    My eyesight is so bad that even at contact distances without my glasses I wouldn't be able to identify my target.

    Eyes are too bad for lasik as well.

    Currently I just sleep with my contacts inserted so as to avoid this issue. As well as the whole waking up for the baby stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i10casual View Post
    shooting in public without glasses? Wow
    I guess, as long as you only need them for reading.
    I'm not asking for a 100 yard shot here, but think about it...

    I have been out more than once and had my glasses fouled so badly by stuff that they boarder on useless, and with plastic lenses you just do not grab a shirt tail and scrub them clean, and would not have time for that option in a SHTF scenario.

    You could simply be sweaty and nasty working out in the yard when a dog attacks, or at the mall getting your lenses replaced when a BG runs in the store and causes pandemonium, all kinds of possibilities here for your glasses to be messed up, right down to blood on the lense....
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    I wear glasses, but the correction is slight. So, it's not much difference whether I use optics or not, for either focus or aim or consistency. That is, up to a couple dozen yards or so. I don't even wear them every day, actually. That said, I do train both with and without them, though not every time (since it makes little practical difference). Generally, they're on for protection and not for correction.

    Rifle shooting, though, is another matter. Beyond 20yds, I'm a "glasses" type of person, particularly for attempting to target something a handspan or smaller.

    BTW, you're missing the choice of "sometimes," on the list of options.
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