I've got one of their bull pup 22's and it's a great little shooter. I had an extra scope sitting for years in the box so I put it on. The Redfield Accu Trac wide view is a bit overkill I know but it needed a purpose in life. Now the scope is half the size of the rifle. In any case, it's a great gun to grab & jump in the truck or on the quad. Does anyone know where I can get a scabbard for this little animal? It's never going to be an heirloom but I'd like to take care of it in transport. It's just has very different dimensions.

BTW, a buddy took me on my second ever coon hunt several weeks ago. The first time he took me I shot one out through the mid section. This time he asked me if I could get a head shot. It never occurred to me that it'd matter one way or the other but....ok. Through eye (and remember that's night shooting). While the scope is overkill, the combo is great. But coon hunters are a different breed and the entire process is particularly hard on your gear....and your body.