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For you S&W revolver aficionados

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Thread: For you S&W revolver aficionados

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    WOW ! Uh, oh, I'm feeling faint...

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    Thanks for the info! This was my Grandfather's carry piece and holster! He carried a lot OC and CC as I was growing up. That is his last LTCH (the pink card), he died before he could get the life-time license.

    I know, not the best choice to carry but it was his only pistol he ever owned and was very proud of it. This was the first pistol I ever shot, so it is double special to me and I will keep as long as I live.

    The pistol is much better shape than the pictures show, it does have a little holster wear, just not as much as it looks in the photo. The box didn't fair very well, but at least I have it. The screwdriver is in real good shape without any rust or damage, so I don't think he used it very little.

    Again, thank you for your knowledge about these wonderful pistols!

    P.S. I also have a ton of old ammo, .22 and 16 gauge, the .22 boxes, I have a lot more in the bigger boxes they came in!
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    You are welcome Gun Bunny, and sorry for the delay posting these, but my middle boy had his season opening game tonight, which his team won-

    Here are some pictures of just my K22 Model 17-3 by itself, it is quite a bit newer model than yours, about a 1971 issue: (Notice the different style of the screwdriver, and missing screw on the trigger gaurd compared to yours)
    For you S&W revolver aficionados-my-s-w-revolvers-008.jpg

    For you S&W revolver aficionados-my-s-w-revolvers-009.jpg

    For you S&W revolver aficionados-my-s-w-revolvers-010.jpg

    I couldn't stand having those nice revolvers and not shooting them.
    I hope you enjoy shooting your 17, and I'm gonna try.............

    Quicksabre Wow - so cool. So did you keep the blackmail pics, or turn them over to him??
    Kept'em, he still has a pretty full safe............
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