Practice ammo

Practice ammo

This is a discussion on Practice ammo within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Since this dosnt fall under the defensive ammo category, ill post here...Anyone here use Win.WB or federal champion ranger ammo? (.45) If so, which do ...

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Thread: Practice ammo

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    Practice ammo

    Since this dosnt fall under the defensive ammo category, ill post here...Anyone here use Win.WB or federal champion ranger ammo?
    (.45) If so, which do you prefer? Ive been using wwb for ever and just recentely picked up a few boxes of the Federal from walmart. Price wise, the federal was a bit cheaper @ $16 a box of 50. Whats the deal with this stuff...Is it dirty? Does it shoot poorly? The reason why I ask is because of the cheap pricetag. Im not used to seeing such cheap .45 ammo in my area, and if it turns out to be decent stuff, im going to stock up. The wwb goes for almost $50 per 100 rnds.
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    I use it and have had no problems with it.

    Not sure why its so cheap?
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    I love the Federal ammo. It actually worked a little better in my 1911 than the WWB last time I shot them both over a short time span. Can't go wrong as I see it.

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    I've bought the Federal in .40 from Walmart and found it to be a little dirtier but had no problems with feeding or ejection.

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    For $16.00 a box, you should buy all you can get. I pay $19 a box at my wally world for WWB box of 50.
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    For range ammo, Federal Champion is good stuff. Not my first choice if you were shooting bullseye, but then neither is WWB. Go for it.
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    Dirty? If you clean your firearm afterwards, it makes little difference (unless you're planning on shooting a couple thousand rounds nonstop).
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    I shoot the Federal and WWB from Wally World. Both have performed excellent. I pay $16 for a box of 50 with the Federal and $34 for a box of 100 WWB. When I buy the WWB I only buy the round nose. I have had some of the flat nose set back the bullet upon chambering. Mic'd it and it looked like not enough crimp. I buy it rather than buy new brass.
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    I have tried both in 45acp. The WWB seems to be more available here for me. The Federal seems to be more available in the 40S&W. No problems with either one for me.

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    I shoot the Fedreral in 9mm with no problems. $9.97 in Dayton, Ohio / 50

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    For range use, shoot whatever is reliable and on sale. If walmart has the win
    white box, that is always a safe bet or the pmc at cabelas when they have
    a free shipping event. If it shoots a little dirty, that's okay providing you clean
    your guns like you should after each range session.

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