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Gun drop

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    Gun drop

    My wife has a distant relative that was supposedly killed when he dropped a handgun and it discharged. I know this is probably in the realm of possibility but I'm wondering if the family is covering up the real scenario such as suicide or horseplay. Like I said, I'm sure this is theoretically possible but it just seems like long odds for someone to drop a handgun and have the round strike them in just the right spot to be fatal. Just looking for opinions.

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    Long odds for sure ... but certainly within the realm of possibility, as the ongoing recall of the Ruger SR9 for potential drop/discharge issues demonstrates.
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    Entirely possible. Ask old what's-his-name on the Giants who dropped his pistol and shot himself in the leg. But no one really knows the answer except for the victim.
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    Entirely possible.

    Guns without Transfer-Bar Safties are noted for this. This is why you should only load five rounds in your Colt S.A.A. or Shotgun.

    The Daddy of a gal I know was killed when a "loaded for six" S.A.A. fell out of a box he was carrying and discharged. The bullet struck him in the lower torso in such a manner that he was unable to walk or crawl, but he laid there and died just fine. They say it took a few hours.

    This was back in the days before cellphones too. It was one heck of a funeral, and in no way considered suicide. Knowing the deceased gentleman as I did, if he could've crawled, fought or bit his way to help I'm sure he would've.


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    Anything is possible I guess. I would think that if the death is "questionable", there could be some forensic work done to help substantiate the family's claim.
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    If gun was dropped there should not be any gunpowder residue on the victim's hands. That would be very easy to substantiate, and in investigating a suspicious death, should have been one of the test run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Entirely possible. Ask old what's-his-name on the Giants who dropped his pistol and shot himself in the leg. But no one really knows the answer except for the victim.
    Actually I don't think old what's his name gun discharged because of impact on dropping. If I remember the story correctly, the gun slipped down his sweatpants and he instinctively reached for it and accidentally squeezed off a round when he grabbed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Entirely possible. Ask old what's-his-name on the Giants who dropped his pistol and shot himself in the leg. But no one really knows the answer except for the victim.
    Plaxico shot himself while trying to catch the gun (Glock), which slid down his sweatpants (no holster). The gun did not discharge because it hit the ground, but because this ignorant "criminal" accidentally caught the trigger.

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    The normal human reaction is to instinctively try to catch something we drop before it hits the ground/floor.
    Attempting to catch a firearm could result in a pull of the trigger.
    Any dropped firearm should just be allowed to fall and no attempt should be made to catch it in the air.

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    It happens, mostly with older pistols. But most shotguns are not drop safe either. Most modern handguns are drop safe. Here is a story I came across on another board. .22 pistol fell out of the door and discharged killing a woman.

    Woman dies after accidental shooting in Springville - Salt Lake Tribune
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    2 days ago there was a bounty hunter here in Wichita that dropped his gun chansing someone and it discharged and caused a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Last I heard he was in critical condition. I know it's not a death, but it can happen!

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    Of course it is certainly within the realm of possibility.

    However, there are so many factors involved.

    Discharging when dropped onto a hard surface is "very remote", but still possible. Depending on which "type of gun" was dropped and what kind of internal safety mechanisms it had, that can move from the "very remote" possibility and enter into the realm of "highly unlikely."

    We don't know what type of gun it was. So it's pointless to speculate beyond, "yes, it's possible."

    Also it may have been, as stated earlier, they attempted to catch a falling gun. In which case, the odds of a negligent discharge goes up significantly over merely letting it fall to the floor.

    And then finally, human nature being what it is... It could have just been a story concocted to save the family the embarrassment of the reality of suicide or simply irresponsible horseplay.

    Probably something you'll never know for sure. It happens. Take the story with a grain of salt and don't let it influence your understanding of firearms and how they operate. Too many holes in the story to make any assumptions or come to any conclusions to be of any value.
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