Do you ever shoot to relax?

Do you ever shoot to relax?

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Thread: Do you ever shoot to relax?

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    Question Do you ever shoot to relax?

    Just returned from the range. Less than 200 rounds sent downrange, but I feel so incredibly relaxed. Wasn't aware of any stress before the trip, but I feel so very calm now.

    Very ordinary trip. Not exceptionally good shooting but not bad at all. Nothing special there. Tried a little point shooting at 3, 5 and 7 yds, but mostly aimed fire, some slow, some rapid. In other words, there was nothing special about this trip except that I had time to think about nothing but shooting.

    I expect hunting and canoeing to relax me, but always attributed it to the exercise involved. Because it's hot this morning, I didn't do any movement drills today; walked maybe a total of 100 yards all morning. No exercise value. So my questions are:

    1. Do you find yourself more relaxed after a session at the range?

    2. Do you ever go to the range just to relieve some stress?

    and, I guess,

    3. Do you ever feel more stressed after a range session?
    (hasn't been my experience, but maybe some folks do)

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    It's hard for me to go to the range when I'm stressed but I always feel more relaxed after shooting. More often, since I live on a farm, I shoot right here. forces your mind into a specific place and activity and you have to set the other stuff aside. And it's a black and white activity, in terms of function, with unpredictable results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLSquirrelHunter View Post
    1. Do you find yourself more relaxed after a session at the range?
    Absolutely. A sense of relaxation and accomplishment.
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    It's the greatest thing to get rid of stress. My wife knows that if I've had a bad day and I'm crabby to just let me get my range bag and i'll come back a happy man. There is something about focusing on that front sight and just thinking squeeze that makes all the bad go away.

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    Yep.... I sometimes go to the range at lunch to is very relaxing. I always come away ready to take on the world again, lol
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    Kind of an interesting question. Because I can only shoot at a range, I am doing target shooting and I don't find that relaxing.

    But, if I could just go out to a field somewhere with some old cans, pieces of wood, whatever, and plink, I would definitely find plinking relaxing.

    So, if someone with some land sufficient for plinking safely and legally here in Brazos Cnty, or neighboring Burleson, Grimes, Robertson counties, would like to invite me, I'd appreciate a private message.

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    Oh, yeah -- definitely. I got back into shooting as an adult when I was under stress on the job, and started shooting an air rifle at an indoor target after work. The focus and concentration, and sense of accomplishment when I made a good score, helped a lot. I have broadened the types of shooting I do, and I now include my wife in range trips, and we both find it relaxing and enjoyable to shoot targets, plink, try different variations of the sport. I've been on a job overseas the past few months and can't shoot due to lack of time, place, and equipment for people like me (even though every male local around carries an AK, and security is a constant concern). So I'm looking forward to heading home and back to the range soon. And I know what kind of target I'm gonna put up!

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    It's funny that you say that. Back when I did high-tech (high pressure) remote system support, if it was a particularly bad day, we'd all go to the range for lunch. Very therapeutic!
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    If stressed the last place I'd go would be the shooting range. I wouldn't want some stressed out dude next to me blasting away. So, to answer your question, it is fun, enjoying, relaxing, productive and stressless for me. If I had to say anything about shooting that is stressful it's the cost of ammunition.
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    We do it to relax and it works wonders for us. We leave the range happy and relaxed.
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    Absolutely. I refer to it as "group therapy."
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    I guess I'm in the minority here. I don't consider it a stress reliever to go to the range and blast away. I'm there for a purpose - to get more comfortable with shooting my guns, and do what I can at a stand-and-shoot-only range to prepare for the S to HTF.

    I don't find it relaxing at all, though I do come away sometimes with a sense of (minor) accomplishment. I'm also tired and tense when I come out - more proof that it's not relaxing for me.

    Then again, I didn't grow up with guns. That might make a difference.
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    I will echo Hopyard's coments. When I lived in E Washington I never shot at a range. We shot up in the hills at a local quarry or out in the sage hills on the BLM range lands. I've only been range shooting for a few years now and while I still enjoy it, and it is undoubtedly safer, the range environment is not as "fun" and relaxing as plinking.

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    it's one of my favorite ways to "unload" stress.

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    I find that it can be relaxing for me, when I'm shooting my handguns.

    When I'm shooting my .223 out on the 300 yard range it can be EXTREMELY frustrating if I end up spending all my time fighting the wind/weather. What frustrates me is not being able to get those tiny little cloverleaf groups everyone talk about. I've taken to shooting at steel gongs on the 300 yard range so that it is more of a pass/fail, this makes it much more fun for me!
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