The one you keep

The one you keep

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Thread: The one you keep

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    The one you keep

    If you are like me, over the years you have bought, sold and traded many guns for reasons where you thought you had to have something else. I am sure we all can share a story about the one we let get away, and how we regret that decision to this day. What I would like to do here is share a story about the one[s] you have held onto, and why. I have a ruger bh that I have kept, despite selling and trading much more expensive guns. It is a 41 mag with a 45/8 barrel, and I have a certain set of reloads that I assemble that it shoots perfectly. I shoot it well, and have confidence in it over every other gun. It has taken blue wilderbeast, and many head of deer. Its the one I reach for when the jobs got to be done. Lets here about your must keeps.

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    I have a few guns here that I cannot sell... They were given to me by my dad, and if I were to get rid of them, it would be to give them back.

    The 357 Mag that he gave me was the first pistol I ever shot... At my grandmothers house, no less, shooting cans off the fence.

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    I have 2. My Glock 17. It's the original that started it all, for me and for Glock. It just happens to be a Gen 3. Next is my Dan Wesson CBOB 1911. It introduced me to 1911s and has never failed.
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    I have an old single-shot .22 my grandpa gave me when I was 12. That thing's not going anywhere...

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    I don't like to talk too publicly about my possessions.

    But I, too, have some with very personal and family history that I'll never get rid of.
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    My dad bought me my first gun 10 years ago when I was 16. A remington 870 shotgun. It will be given to my son when he is old enough to appreciate it.
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    CZ 452 FS. My wife bought it for me, while I was first deployed to Iraq. When we were first married, we lived in Germany together, and I got a German hunting license. We had no money to speak of, so I would always be borrowing guns and hunting on someone elses' reserve, and would talk of guns I'd like to have.

    Fast forward to 16 years later, and while I was in OIF I, my wife sees a picture of this gun, that looked like my jaegermeister's mannlicher, and ordered it shipped to my local FFL for $299. This, in itself makes it special, but someone messed up at the CZ factory, and it had near presentation grade wood on it. For under $300.

    I have shot it very little, due to deployments, etc., but we have a tradition every year where I go up to my dad's farm and shoot a rabbit on Christmas.

    It's been fired 5 shots to confirm zero, and 5 times after that, killing a rabbit on each and every shot.

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    one mistake before

    I got into a tight spot and needed cash so out went three guns. S&W 4506, Ruger mini 14, and Ruger Blackhawk in 45 LC. To this day I have regretted selling any of my small collection. Most of what I have has been given to me over the years. So to sell them now would be doing a disservice to those that gave them to me either as a gift or through death. So I will keep all the guns in my collection to hand down to my son(s never know what the future holds).

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    I haven't sold too many guns. I tend to hang on no matter what.

    1. An el cheapo POS .22 cowboy revolver that wouldn't put 3 of 6 shots in a paper plate at ten yards. Maybe the wobbly barrel had something to do with that? No regrets there.

    2. A .30-30 Glenfield (the economical version of a Marlin). Sold it to get my Rem 700 in .30-06. No regrets there.

    3. A Ruger BH in .357 Mag. Sold it in AK to upgrade to a .41 BH. No regrets there, but someone later stole it. That I regret. Loved the .41 Mag.

    Still have my first .22 bolt action my dad bought me, as well as the Win. 1200 12 ga he gave me.
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    I've traded in a few guns over the years, mostly ones I bought on a whim and wasn't that impressed with later on.
    I definately have a couple guns that would hurt me deeply to get rid of, but my 1968 Python that was my dad's service pistol is not going anywhere--no matter what!

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    well, that would apply to every one of them! Half are inherited, the rest were bought because of one reason or another, and the reasons still apply. I'm a collector not a distributor.
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    I have three guns that have managed to hold their place in my collection. These three will never be sold.

    * Colt Officers Model Enhanced .45ACP
    * DSA SA-58 Para 21" in 50.61 flavor
    * Sile Import AKM-47S from Pre-George Bush senior days

    I'll always have these until life somehow dictates they, or I, must go. I won't part with them willfully.

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    My "Keeper" is the Smith and Wesson CS45: Product: Model CS45 Pistol
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    I still have my 1st handgun. A browning .22LR Medalist bought new in 1969 for $129.95. It's beautiful and still shoots better than I can. Still have the original case, weights and papers.
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    S&W 38 Bodyguard. It has been with me since about 1991. Goes in the pocket in the a.m. and resides nearby at night.

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