Amazing gun salesman

Amazing gun salesman

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    Amazing gun salesman

    Wife's CHL finally arrived. Went gun shopping, and got the most memorable gun salesman I've evern seen.

    We explained that we were looking for a second gun, she's comfortable with our XD40 sub, doesn't like revolvers. He apparently thinks women aren't technical enough for automatics, but if they insist, should stick with a .380, but only if it isn't too small.

    Actually, this is understandable, because apparently automatics are too technical for him. He said he carried a Walther .380 as a BUG when he was a cop. Of all the autos he showed us, that was the only auto he was able to operate competently--Couldn't figure out how to release the slide on most of the others, and one he couldn't figure out which way the magazine (that he just took out) went. He did check that each was clear (leading to the slide stop confusion) but paid no attention to where his muzzle was pointing, even when I glared and stepped out of line several times.

    I siad again that I thought .380 was small for a primary, he said "I've seen people killed with .22, I've seen people shot in the head with a .45 and survive", then showed us a Sig .380.

    I said something about not seeing the point of a .380 unless it was a small pocket gun--That got him to bring out his carry gun, a .38 snub in a pocket holster. He unloaded it, scattering his cartridges all over the floor, and was making some point about most CCW classes teaching loading. He loaded it, put it back in his pocket, then a few minutes later brought it out again, unloaded it again, scattered cartridges again, and had my wife try his trigger, trying once again to convince her to change her mind and I suppose get a proper woman's gun.

    Except for when I said "Can I see that one?" he pretty much refused to show us anything that we were looking for, although he was friendly the whole time. No idea why he was so fixated on .380's.

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    Can we say - biased? Inflexible? Tunnel vision??

    Interesting to say the least.

    I do wish folks in gun stores had a wide enough gun knowledge to be able to handle, at least the popular models, without fumbling and struggling.

    Oh well - from posts in the past I have read, this guy was near a saint, compared to some!
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    I just insist on seeing the guns I am intrested in. Suggestions are welcome, but research before the gun store usually helps me find what I would be intrested in.
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    Our Local Gun salesman in Fall City, Washington is the most friendliest, nicest, kindest, generous guy known to mankind in the realm of the gun world. I had a problem with my .357 magnum and I was ready to send it off to Taurus so they could fix it for me, he did the job in 5 minutes and didn't bother to ask for money! Also, his prices are the best, about $50 off of MSRP every time, How in Heck can he afford that is beyond me, but god o mighty, thank god he exists, cuz all the other gun stores Western Washington suck ace compared to his!
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    Congratulations to your wife for getting her CHL. Do your research prior to in store shopping. If you return to that same store ask to see the manager or owner. Hopefully they'll be better informed and safer gun handlers.
    The power of the future is in its ability to inspire the present.

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    I'm continually amazed at the lack of customer service in gun shops. I would love to work at a gun store and would soak up knowledge like a sponge.(if the pay was better and the urge to buy more guns would'nt skyrocket.) I want a friendly knowlegable person to ralk to me and offer to let me see something and tell me about things as i hold them. I hate having to flag down the guy behind the counter and ask to see things. Then they leave you there or wait impatiently for you to give it back. These are the bigger stores i'm talking about. When you find a small shop were the owner is there behind the counter and knows what he's talking about, its like striking gold. I don't shop at the big ones anymore and will give all my business to him.(This is the same guy in fall city that fitz mentioned) I don't mind paying alittle more to give him my business...but wait he's cheaper than everywhere else and gives great trade in value!
    It could only help the outlook on guns if the guy behind the counter both knew what he was talking about and greeted you with a smile. Pretend to be in a good mood at least.
    "In those days, there was a lot more respect for other people and it showed in peoples values.... Today the word value means nothing more than something you get on the $1 menu at McDonald's." -BARK'N

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkeBob
    Congratulations to your wife for getting her CHL. Do your research prior to in store shopping.
    The original intent was so she could carry at work (she works outside, alone and on foot in all sorts of neighborhoods) and the XD was going to be hers. I wasn't going to actually use my CCW, unless it was while we are together. She applied in our county, while I applied in an ajacent CCW-friendly county and got mine a month sooner. Once I started carrying, (and especially since I got a good holster) I don't want to stop, so we need a second gun. It is quite likely we'll wind up with another XD40.

    If you return to that same store ask to see the manager or owner. Hopefully they'll be better informed and safer gun handlers.
    We bought our current gun at the same store, from a much safer and less biased salesman.

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    Congrats to wife on CCW ..

    I've Run into salesmen like that and just stop in middle of there pumped up and stroking there ego and told them ya don't wanna show me what i want then I'm out of here.

    Usually by time I'm shopping i know what i wanna spend money on .. Thats why i basically shop at 1 shop right now i call them or email them what i want they just order it i go pay for it later.

    They will even call me if they think something came in i want now thats good service

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    WHY did you not just tell this so called salesman to get lost?
    My wife would have kicked his ass just for fun.
    I won't even try to tell you what my little girl would have done to him. she's 5 feet tall and CCW's a 1911.

    Gun control is hitting what you aim at

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    Another Congrats on female CCW. This guy sounds like a character. I bet the gun shop owner is wondering why all they are selling is 380's.

    "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."

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    Hey for what most gunstores can pay salesmen they are doing damn good to get them to quit saying " do you want fries with that " LOL
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

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    Tell your wife "Congrats" on her CCW for us.
    My wife got hers just under a year ago and it has come in handy today, as she is traveling on a business trip from Denver to Durango and back with another woman. I told her to pack the P-95 and she said "Oh yah, I think I'd better."

    The fella who sold me my 1911 couldn't show me how to disassemble it. I asked him to just put it in the box and I'll read the instructions when I get home. (Whodathunkit?)
    My kids can disassemble it blindfoulded. (and they have.)
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

    “The way you get shot by a concealed weapons permit holder is, you point a gun at him,” the Sheriff said.

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    i guess i'm lucky, my local shop has a good staff.

    if one of them doesn't know about a particular gun, he'll ask one of the other employees there.

    my wife goes in there all the time and gets treated right.

    they'll ask what she's looking for, caliber, use, etc. and lay out the appropriate guns and give the pros and cons of each, and let her decide.

    that's why we buy there, plus they have GREAT customer service if any problems occur.

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    I have had similar trouble with the local "clerks". I now do my research right at this computer, lots of it on this website..

    When I get the inclination to try the fit of a new gun, I drive the 60 miles to the shop that has everything except terribly brilliant employees and ask to handle what I am looking for, and three or four other items just to compare.

    Several times I have been asked questions concerning guns from other customers at the counter.. I hate to admit it, but one asked if I would reccommend a .22 or a .380 for carry.. The clerk was telling them that the .22 would be a LOT cheaper to practice with, but that is another story..

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    Congrats! Man I wish I could get my wife interested. It sounds as tho you need to find another gun shop. Ours is great and everyone in it is nice, helpful and knowlegeable. Barnwood Arms in Ripon California.. If ever in the area check them out tons of stock and an indoor range.
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