What's your 7 yard group?

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Thread: What's your 7 yard group?

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    If the group is larger than my hand - I fire slower.
    Smaller than my hand - Fire faster.
    Obviously, I'm not a marksman. I practice for SD almost exclusively.
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    I only practice shooting humanoid targets on the move. Punching paper is for competition. Hits are all I care about.

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    I can do the speed when necessary. I just enjoy the pursuit of accuracy as a hobby, wringing the best out of good guns and loads.

    Accuracy is always king, especially in self defense situations, because speed is useless without it.

    That said, capably shooting an 5-inch group, well centered, at 7 yards will insure that someone has a bad day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GotCBOB View Post
    After a trip to the range today I started to wonder what the "norm" for a 7 yard group is while standing unsupported. I don't think I'm satisfied with my group size and want to get an idea of what to shoot for. With my G36 I was able to get 6 out of 7 shots in about a 5" circle (pulled one). I feel like I should be able to do a lot better but IDK. What are your thoughts and your normal group sizes?


    Depends on what you're doing. Are you shooting slow and deliberate, for accuracy? Or are you shooting quickly to simulate a defensive scenario?

    For defensive purposes, your 5" circle is about perfect.

    For accuracy, you should be able to get less than 2". But that would be taking your time, breathe, front sight focus, proper trigger press.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    I only practice shooting humanoid targets on the move. Punching paper is for competition. Hits are all I care about.
    Aren't you just punching paper on humanoid targets?

    Even though everything is tacticool and combat oriented these days, just shooting at a silhouette and calling it good because your rounds land inside the lines isn't good enough. Accuracy is still important and we should be trying for tight groups no matter how we're practicing. Taking time to do some bullseye shooting every range session will allow you to work on trigger control, grip, breathing, sight picture, etc., and any improvement there will benefit your "combat" practice as well.
    Remember, aim small - miss small.

    Oh yeah, my 7yd groups today - multiple mags in 2-3 inches, 1-2 shots at a time. Spent the day training, transitioning to a new weapon and new holster. My range day was 6 hours of - Draw, fire one round center mass, scan, reholster. Draw, fire two rounds center mass, scan, reholster. Draw, fire failure drill (2 cm, 1 head), scan, reholster. Draw, fire two to the head, scan, reholster. Did each one over and over, then did some move and shoot, oblique angles, weak hand, smiley faces, head shots on Osama Bin Laden targets, and whatever else the instructors could think of. Yesterday was all patrol rifles, tomorrow is more of the same pistol stuff and qualifying.
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    I shoot at the 8" high visibility targets (the kind that give you the bright neon splash) starting at about 5 meters and working my way out to 25-30 meters depending on the range. If you can stay in the 8 inches, I believe that's success. Of course I aim for tight groups, but even on the far end, I get about 19 out of 20 rounds in the 8".
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    Slow fire at 7yds I could cover all the shots with a Golf Ball.

    id post the picture but you can only seemingly here link a picture 1 time and its been linked MONTHS ago and to my knowledge there is no way I can fix/edit that(lame).

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    On one of the "good days" at the range. First outing with a new Taurus PT-1911 at seven yards. The quarter placed to show relative size.

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    On a good day I can get about a fist size group.
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