high capacity plinker (not a 10/22)

high capacity plinker (not a 10/22)

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Thread: high capacity plinker (not a 10/22)

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    high capacity plinker (not a 10/22)

    My experience, few joys beat plinking .22 lrs. One added joy is just pulling the trigger as fast as I can to see how many rounds I can get on the target shooting as fast as I can. If only I could increase the rounds in the mag, boy would that be fun.

    10/22 high capacity magazines, the flaw is the rim of the round, and it really is not the magazines fault. It is like hammering a screw, sure it can be done, but not the intended purpose.

    Over the last few years I keep getting burned on 10/22 high capacity magazines. I see it, I avoid the purchase, it rattles around, then sooner or later around this time of year I end up buying one, only to be frustrated with another junk mag (normally around 7/4, as I love to plink on the 4th). Right now, it is the TI25 alum w/steel lip 25 round at $30 to $50.

    I live in the limited world of what I know. .22 LR ammo is just fun and cheap. Something like .223 is fun and easy on the wallet (but I can't call it cheap).

    Pulling asside the typical reload conversations, or air rifles, is there something between a .22 lr and a .223 rem that can be used for plinking but costs less than .223 (maybe something rimless to allow fewer jams with high capacity mags)?

    Is it just the 10/22, should I be looking at other .22 lr rifles that offer better high capacity mag offerings?

    I know about the Calico (I think they make a semi-auto with Helical Magazine), and while pricey, is this they only sure option?
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    Some of the issues will never be fixed. I don't think the 10/22 is any worse than other .22 rifles in feeding . The ammo is unreliable . Have you visited the 10/22 forums to get a better idea what mags may work best?
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    GSG-5 has a 110 round drum coming out.
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