Why is .25 acp not popular?

Why is .25 acp not popular?

This is a discussion on Why is .25 acp not popular? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hello everyone, I was recently given a gift by my brother. He gave me an old .25 acp Beretta Tomcat for no particular reason. I ...

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Thread: Why is .25 acp not popular?

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    Why is .25 acp not popular?

    Hello everyone, I was recently given a gift by my brother. He gave me an old .25 acp Beretta Tomcat for no particular reason. I have gone out to shoot the little bugger and I have to say it was very enjoyable. Not to get off the subject here but in my gun collection, I have a rule of pairs. By this I mean I have two pistols of each brand and caliber. Ex. 2 sigs- 9mm/p239 & .22lr/Mosquito, 2 Rugers-.380 acp/LCP & .22lr/Mark III 22/45, etc. I was in the market to buying another .25 acp and I was having a difficult time finding one. It seems that many retail stores as well as local gun shops do not have this caliber of pistols readily available. Why is this caliber unpopular? Just wondering....please let me know.
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    It's a fun round to shoot, BUT................

    It's a wussy round with no stopping power and the cost of the ammo is prohibitive compared to "real" calibers.

    I do have a few pistols chambered in .25, but they're just too expensive to feed.

    And here's an interesting quote from Jeff Cooper................

    “As we used to teach in the spook business, carry a .25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. If you load it you may shoot it. If you shoot it you may hit somebody, and if you hit somebody – and he finds out about it – he may be very angry with you.”
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    In the first half of the 20th century it was very popular. Look at all the 'vest pocket' guns that were sold & the majority were in .25. Browning & Colt made them by the thousands & other makers made a bunch as well. They are what every 'well dressed' man or woman carried. I bet that women carried more in their purses than men did in their vest pockets.

    The .25 is what was used by a lot of people when open carry began to be frowned on & before concealed carry was banned by many states.
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    Neat little fun gun.
    Hornady Custom 25 ACP is probably about the best available ammo in that caliber these days at 900fps.

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    I do have a .25 apc Titan and occasionally shoot and or carry it, however, the round is a bit anemic. Not that I would want to be hit by one, but there have been too many stories of getting shot with the .25 and it does little to stop the threat. It is just not powerful enough to use as a self-defense caliber in most cases.

    Yet, it may be better than nothing or higher than some type of defensive pepper sprays.
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    Here's an old tired retread post I once made here about the .25 ACP. I've shot off a lot of .25 ACP over the years for fun and frolic. I infrequently carried it in times past. I currently have three .25 ACP handguns in the menagerie.

    The .25 ACP doesn't really deserve to be popular. It is expensive to purchase as factory loaded ammunition. It is not enough more powerful than similar .22 Long Rifle chambered pistols to warrant the cost (it is marginally more powerful than similar tee-tiny .22 LR pistols despite what many think). The pistols chambered for it are not easy to shoot with any great accuracy. Within the past 15 years or so pistol designs chambering more effective ammunition have been shrunken to be close to the diminutive size of the average .25.

    Above all, it is truly a weenie...really.
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    My understanding is that it is no more effective than .22LR, much more expensive to feed, and a lot (surely not all though) of the guns chambered in it are finicky. Your ammo options are kind of limited too with that caliber. If I could carry that would be far from my first choice, but hey, if you're just taking it out to play with at the range from time to time, what's the harm?

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    As stated, because it way over priced and WAY under performing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyrh9 View Post
    Why is this caliber unpopular?
    Because we have 22lr.
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    If you really want another .25 (and I own a Beretta 950 and one is enough) Taurus makes a decent one for $225 that Gander Mountain carries. I carry mine at times as a BUG for my Glock 23 but that just may be to have something in my front pants pocket.
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    Because a .25 is the equivilent of shooting a black bear with a pellet rifle. (This was told to me by a shooting instructor) In all honesty it is far below what most would consider a SD caliber.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyBunny View Post
    It's a wussy round with no stopping power and the cost of the ammo is prohibitive compared to "real" calibers.
    .380 ACP is much the same size but has more than triple the "power" (in ft-lbs) out of the muzzle. And yet, that's half of what a 9mm Luger can muster.

    We need to resurrect the 7.62x25mm Tokarev. JHP with 500 ft-lbs and speeds far in excess of 9mm, bottlenecked case. *Sigh*
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    My Beretta 950BS Jetfire is a sweet little pistol. I carry it pretty regularly and it shoots real nice. I see how it tears up the target backing and I think it would be just fine as a defensive pistol. It is very reliable and always goes bang.

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    It, like the .22 rimfire, lacks any effective power. Unless a lucky shot happens to hit brain, spinal cord or some other incapacitating place, death from either is most likely from bleeding out, which can take time that may not exist in a SD situation.

    That can be the case with any caliber, of course, and it's better than nothing--but not much.
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    Exclamation .25 Auto !

    Be careful,you could put somebodies eye out with one of those .25's.
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