Darn kid, won't follow the 4 gun rules.

Darn kid, won't follow the 4 gun rules.

This is a discussion on Darn kid, won't follow the 4 gun rules. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Every night when I get home from work, I unholster my weapon, place it on the dining room table, then finish removing my belt, wallet, ...

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Thread: Darn kid, won't follow the 4 gun rules.

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    Darn kid, won't follow the 4 gun rules.

    Every night when I get home from work, I unholster my weapon, place it on the dining room table, then finish removing my belt, wallet, keys, light... so I can change out of my greasy clothes.

    The other day one of the cats hops up on the table to greet me, looks down at my weapon, and puts her paw inside the trigger guard, and starts pawing at the trigger.

    The following is a visual summary of my reaction;

    This was her basic reaction.


    Grasseater // Grass~eat~er noun, often attributive \ˈgras-ē-tər\
    A person who is incapable of independent thought; a person who is herd animal-like in behavior; one who cannot distinguish between right and wrong; a foolish person.
    See also Sheep

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    This will be her next move for you I'm afraid Sticks LOL.
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    Headline: Cat shoots owner for...
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    I would load up on Whiskas if I were you...
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    As funny as that story is it should also serve as a dangerous warning to everyone. Our pets shouldn't be allowed near our loaded guns anymore than a kid should be IMO.

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    Did you remember to feed your cat that morning? She might have been trying to tell you something.

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    Nice looking dog !
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    I heard in Ireland some years back. A hunter was using his shot gun as a rest, when the dog came along and jumped up and his paw came down on the trigger and bang. Hunter lost his arm. (maybe just a story to keep me thinking when I was a Kid around shotguns in the field).

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    I wonder if an IWB holster of cat hide would wear well or if you'd have to stick to OWB?

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    I'd check your house for any 9 Life FurBall ammo!
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    Your partner pictured in your avatar might be able to give you some cat training tips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nc bullseye View Post
    i wonder if an iwb holster of cat hide would wear well or if you'd have to stick to owb?
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    My cat loves to lay on my rifles after I've been target practicing or coming in from hunting that morning. I'll lay em on the bed and she'll lay right on the barrel or stock, never over the trigger, yet.
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    My cat is none too thrilled with the beagle puppy my wife brought home for our kids. There's no way I'm letting her near any of my guns. I'm afraid the dog and I both might be history. She looks at both of us with that, "you have no idea of the wrath that I'm capable of" look.
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    All I'm visualizing right now is the cat scene in Boondock Saints.

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