+1 Pearce grip extensions on Glock 26?

+1 Pearce grip extensions on Glock 26?

This is a discussion on +1 Pearce grip extensions on Glock 26? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; For those here who have a Glock 26 and use the +1 Pearce grip extensions,did change your magazine springs? If not is it required/recommended to ...

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Thread: +1 Pearce grip extensions on Glock 26?

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    +1 Pearce grip extensions on Glock 26?

    For those here who have a Glock 26 and use the +1 Pearce grip extensions,did change your magazine springs? If not is it required/recommended to do so? Last but not least any reliability issues with using these? I've heard they can get bumped on something and come off is this true?
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    If you are using +1 grip extensions, you should have bought a Glock 19...JMO
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    I agree with First Sgt...there's no point in getting a +1 extension, it's going to really hinder concealability. The +0 extensions give you an extra finger groove without really changing the length. If you just want to shoot more for fun you can buy a 12/15/17/19/33...so it's pretty pointless to pay for a +1 extension I think.
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    If you are looking just for a pinkie extension, then I'd go with the +0 PG26 floor plate on the G26. With the +1 extensions...no, there's no need to change the magazine spring. Glock does make a factory +2 magazine for the G26, but the +2 OEM bottoms are hard to find by themselves.
    As with any aftermarket outfit making the extensions for the Glock magazines, you'll have to know the nature of the beast. I had a Pearce +2 on one of my G17 magazines (NFML) explode on me at the range yesterday when I hit the bottom of it to seat 19 rounds. I found all of the parts in short order, but I think I'm going back with the original floor plate on that magazine. Second time it's happened to me, and I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to the Glock magazines. Everything wears out over time and use as well.

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    LOLOLOL--RAM! Did you not see my post on the "Speed unload"?

    For the LOVE OF GOD, don't do anything but +0 extensions unless you go Dawson or Arredondo. It'll look like a grenade going off when those rounds squirt out the bottom of the mag.

    GLOCK extensions are the worst, followed by Pierce, then by Schrer. Now, any of the +0 extensions are fine and I have never had an issue with those. Of the rest--all have failed me. I was using Wolf +10% springs (the factory springs did not function well with +2 or beyond)

    Secondary question--why do you want them? Most people shoot the G26/27 better without them (because they can't squeeze with the pinky, usually). You're not gaining any control (unless you're squeezing with the pinky, which is a no-no). Get one, make it a +0, and see what you think. I'm guessing you'll go back to "factory" on both.

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