A quick safety reminder

A quick safety reminder

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Thread: A quick safety reminder

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    A quick safety reminder

    Was lucky to photograph this reminder of why it's important to wear eye protection when shooting.

    Stay safe folks!
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    That's a good reminder...Often when shooting outdoors, I've seen people where hearing protection but not shooting glasses. Maybe some folks think that's a "range thing?"?? Always wear the proper eye protection! I notice that when I shoot my Ranger 127+p+(carry ammo) they will often catch me directly in the forehead! Maybe the higher pressure sends them straight back? That's the only ammo I have that does that.
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    Nice reminder, caught a piece of jacket material from a Speer 146gr SJHP on the cheek once hurt like you know what and drew blood, hate to think what it would have been like had I caught it in the eye.
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    Thank you for sharing this.

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    when I fired 120 rounds the other weekend my extractor decided to smack me in the forehead once with hot brass :/
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    shooting in a training line with others ive had em bounce off my glasses and found em in my pockets...and for anyone whos had one go down the shirt...weeeeee..

    theresd the occasional bounce off the dividers at the range also....

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    Great reminder! I have a gun that loves to hit me right in the forehead with shells!
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    I just now got back from an EMS call for a "man shot in the head" at the LEO training range next to my station. Lets just say we were a little excited. Deputy caught a fragment of copper jacket right above the top of his safety glasses. There were deep scratches on one lens too. Too close on the steel target range and could easily have lost an eye without them. We cancelled the helicopter and he has a neat souvenier (and the LT in charge has a mountain of paperwork!).
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    Years ago, I ranched in a West Texas County without any Ambulance service except through the County VFD. We ran Class I MICU units and had paramedics on all calls.
    We were asked to bring a manned "box" to back up a large meth lab drug raid by a multi county drug task force. The raid was over and we had started back to the station when we got a dispatch call to return to the site of the raid for a officer injured call. It seems that there was several weapons confisicated and included was what I remember as a MAC 10 and lots of ammo. Since this was a rural area, several task force members asked to shoot some of these confiscated firearms. One of the female officers on the force, had had a 1/4" curl of brass go into a breast through her uniform and bra--she had taken her vest off because of July Texas heat. The brass had penetrated to below the surface of the skin, just above a nipple. Her supervisor pleaded with us to try to do something that would not entail a written report or ride to ER. My partner that day was a local cowboy/redneck and he took a pair of forceps and removed brass. Injured officer just stripped down to allow access in the back of the box and thanked us when we left. That small piece of brass was still on the board at the County Seat Station when I retired several years later. I will not mention the Texas County or the Counties in the task force--got to protect the innocent. I will always regret that we did not have a camera that day.

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    Is that a ricochet or a shell casing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Is that a ricochet or a shell casing?
    It is a casing, and regardless, eye protection is good.
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    Yeah, I hope you were wearing some while observing!

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    My wife had a .22 casing bounce off the wall, off her glasses, and lodge between the glasses and her cheek. Burned her pretty good. And completely ruined her form for the rest of the day. She had to stop shooting the .22. We think she got to far right in the stall, since this has never happened before. She stayed cool. Put the gun down on the table, pointed down range, then removed her glasses. Thankfully no hot brass dance with muzzle sweep accompaniment. Next time she's wearing a hat. She usually does, but we forgot it.
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    As a lefty I get hit in the face with brass all the time. Eye protection is good.
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    I caught a spent 22 case under my shirt collar on back right and it burnt pretty good.It was about a year ago I was shooting,got to the end of the session and I had a few 45 left,had taken my glasses off and shot the last couple of rounds I had scrounged out of my bag,the last round I had the case failed and blew a buncha crap back,I received several minute brass shards in my eye that required a trip to the eye doctor,he removed 12 pieces of brass,the round also ruined the magazine and cracked one of the grip panels,I won't shoot or be around shooting without Safety glasses on and I'm not talking sun glasses but Impact resistant safety glasses
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