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G26 + 1911+ 870 Do I NEED anything else?

This is a discussion on G26 + 1911+ 870 Do I NEED anything else? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; An enclosed, or shrouded hammer j-frame is very convenient in the pocket for hot weather, or knocking around the house. It is my least shot, ...

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Thread: G26 + 1911+ 870 Do I NEED anything else?

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    An enclosed, or shrouded hammer j-frame is very convenient in the pocket for hot weather, or knocking around the house. It is my least shot, but camps out in my pocket when I am not holstered up.

    It's also good to have in case the g-26 has to be down for any reason.
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    .22 plinker
    a pocket carry
    a revolver...

    then all the rest is candy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    Based on your perceived needs, I think you are fine. The 870, properly set up and with the right ammo will do more than the sub 2000 at your max intended distance.
    I agree.

    I do like my AR though, and find that it has replaced my 870 for most defensive usage. I used to be of the school of thought, "I have a shotgun. With that I can get whatever else I need." In some respects that is true, but it sure is nice to have a rifle that is capable of shooting at longer distances. With the 870 you are limited to 100 Yards, and that's with slugs. My AR is sighted in at 200 Yards and capable of being accurate out past 500 Yards. That gives me a lot of "wiggle room".

    I tend to like having "common" weapons, as finding parts is easier than if I had some exotic one-off. I'm willing to bet that more AR's are sold than KelTecs, so if you needed parts it would be easier to rob them off somebody else's gun in a worst case scenario.

    I own a couple of KelTec rifles, but they sit in the back of the safe. Buying the two KelTecs taught me that I'm better off buying a quality rifle than two pieces of junk. Maybe I'll trade them in on a bolt action .308? Of course I'll have to pony up a bunch of cash too, as the resale value is minimal. Buy quality and you won't have to buy twice.

    I used to be a fan of pistol calibered carbines, but not so much anymore. While they still have their place, I think that a rifle, in a rifle caliber, with proper ammo selection will better meet any perceived needs you may have.

    While we are on the subject, as much as I love the 1911, and I do, if you carry a Glock 26 have you considered the Glock 19/17/34 as a home defense weapon to keep the manuel of arms the same between your EDC and Home Defensive Handgun? Just some food for thought. Edit to add: I see that you did think about this. Sorry for not remembering that as I was typing my reply while attempting to cook my dinner. I think a Glock that is compatible with your 26, for magazine interchangeability, would be a good idea.

    Like Sixto said, either an AR or an AK. To me that would be the most logical and sensible, but I wouldn't be selling or trading any gun I already own if I could help it. I find that sometimes it's nice to have a gun or three stashed away that I fire infrequently. Those days become a joy, just for rekindling an old friendship. Maybe I'll keep the Keltecs, but I still think I should've bought something else.

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    I agree that an AR is a nice addition to any collection, I bought mine about 4 months ago and I absolutely love it. To make it more range friendly on the pocket you could get a .22 conversion kit to use at the range and then just trade it back to the .223/5.56 for when TSHTF. My thinking is, a well placed shot with an AR will put down a BG just as fast as a shotgun with less collateral damage, plus faster followups and larger magazine capacity, JMO.
    Also can't go wrong with a bolt-action. I have a savage .308 that is a lot of fun to shoot and I'm hoping to take it hunting this year. Its not very nice on the wallet though .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyo View Post
    Two more---Ruger 10-22 and something in .223!

    Quote Originally Posted by Knightrider View Post
    A 5 shot for a BUG with your 1911 or G26
    And one of these
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    Everybody "needs" at least one revolver.
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    For now, I'd say you're good to go... (Carrying that G-26 is a dream, eh?)

    Let me 'one up' the .22LR to a Henry Rifle in .22mag, reaches out a bit more and adds a little more punch...then you have it all covered.OMO
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    A revolver or tow would be a must IMO, one 6 shot with 4" barrel, Ruger or Smith and Wesson and a snub 5 shot for back-up. And a rifle as BikerRN & Sixto suggested.
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    I agree with the multiple Glock setup. I have the 17/19/26 trifecta going on, only way to for me to make that better is if I added a 18. I like revolvers cuz they just won't jam like a auto, so I have a .357 Magnum wheelgun in my collection. I have the shotty in my Maverick 12 gauge and right now I have a Lever in .30-30. I have an AR in on the way (I have to let the fund grow a little). I also agree that the .22lr is good to have for plinking for fun, general practice, and good for varmints and small game. I don't have a problem selling a gun I don't shoot often because I'm something of a pack rat. I don't get rid of much anything, unless I have absolutely no need of it whatsoever. I will always have need of a gun.
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    Rollo, sounds alike more than adaquate setup for HD/SD.

    While I'd like to have one for the fun of it, if you need an AR to defend you home, you've got an mighty big yard to need something with that kind of range.

    The 870 should be more than enough. And with practice, a "pumpkin ball" thru one will still reach out and touch someone.
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    Rollo, "need" is a very subjective term. Of course, you're covered for 97% of possible scenarios that are imaginable, and the probability of even those occurring is slim. So in a "need" sense, you're covered.

    I have the XD to stand in for your Glock. I have the 1911. I have the 870 for HD shotgun duties, so I am right there with you. (for you guys who are wheel gun fans, I have a K-frame .357 in the safe too)

    I still value the AR for TEOTWAWKI. In the event of the breakdown of civilization for a period of time, it will be necessary to have a high-capacity firearm chambered in a rifle caliber. I don't want to face a smallish mob with a tube-fed shotgun; I want lots of rounds that will do what I need at significant distances. So I think that a .223 would compliment your lineup nicely, and take you to perhaps 99+% of scenarios. I agree as well with the idea that the AR platform is easy to find parts for, and you'd be able to scrounge if the need arose.
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    If you want to think SHTF weapon then either an AK/SKS or any 5.56 because if/when the SHTF both would likely be readily available more likely 5.56.

    I am in the same boat as yourself I have 9mm, 1911, 870, but also 5.56. I would like an SKS or AK to round out my collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    For now, I'd say you're good to go... (Carrying that G-26 is a dream, eh?)
    Indeed. I didn't think i would be able to pull a double stack off with clothes that fit but with the short handle on the G26 it's plenty easy.
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    Get rid of the 1911 (*gasp*) and get a G19 - as others have said, same manual of arms and mag compatibility with your G26.

    The 870 will do what you need to do. Even at extended range, a rain of buckshot pellets has a way of making people head the other way...

    I would also suggest a .22 rifle - but not a semi-auto. I would instead recommend a bolt, lever, or pump gun for reliability.

    A semi-auto in .223 would be nice to have. Take a look at the Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle. But if you can't swing it, I think you would be well served with just the shotgun.

    I don't think a 7.62 x 39 is the way to go - only real advantage over .223 is in barrier penetration. Since we're talking defense, that's not as much a concern to me.

    Larger caliber rifles (.308, .30-06, etc) = more expensive ammo. I don't see a defensive need for them unless you expect to get into a long range sniper duel, or you live in really open country.

    And remember - once you shoot the BG, you get to use whatever nice weapon he had on 'em.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Rifle. Take your pick, but you could really use a rifle.
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